Once you overcome the struggle of getting your website online, you next step is to get visitors. Many people will email and tell their friends and family about the new site, but what next? How do you get people to find your site in Google?

Get your site indexed

The first step is to actually to get your site indexed by the search engines. Not so long ago most search engines provided a place where you could tell them about your site. These days you just need another link to your website and as long as that has some authority and is indexed itself, that single link should be enough to get in the index. You can do this by linking to your new site from another site you own, or getting a friend to link to your site.

If you have neither of these you can write an article about your site right here on Infobarrel and link to your site from it. You may have seen ads for companies that 'submit your site to thousands of search engines'. You only need to worry about Google and to a lesser extent Yahoo and Bing, so these services are just a waste of money.

Don't worry too much about meta-tags

Meta-tags are HTML tags that were once used in website pages to tell search engines what their pages were about, but were not seen by people. These tags were so over-abused, Google has now publicly announced that they totally ignore these tags. It doesn't hurt your site if you put them in and other minor search engines, might still use them.

Stick to the basics

There is so much written about tricks and ways to get your site ranked by Google, the best way is to just create a website that is easy to use and has great content. Stick to the main theme or topic of your website in your content and you cannot really go wrong.

Build links to your site

Getting good rankings to your website is all about building trust. Try to get links coming into your website, slowly over time. I have written before about how to build links to your site. Any service that promises you thousands of links overnight will probably see your site banned from the search engines.

Sign up for Google's webmaster tools

Google's webmaster tools can help provide useful information about your website. If Google is having a problem with your website, you will find it all in here. It can show you what search queries your website is ranking for and the position of your website.

Many companies selling SEO services tend to complicate things when it comes to optimizing your website. If you follow Google's webmaster guidelines and provide a website with useful and valuable content, with time your site will perform well in the search engines. Trying to take any short cuts might only damage your site.

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