In recent times, a very popular way to make money online is through affiliate marketing programs. You may be wondering what affiliate marketing is and in a few words, it’s a business relationship in which a merchant or seller allows you to link to its business and rewards you for each of the customer’s earned.

This is an effective method in the way that you can make money without having your own product and straight from the comfort of your home. The idea is that you, through your website, drive traffic to a merchant’s site. The reward or commission is earned when a visitor to your site clicks on the affiliate link and is taken to the merchant’s site. The commission is often based on the sale, a referral fee or a pay for click fee.

In case you are wondering how the merchant knows the customer came from your site, they actually keep track from the affiliate link in your website that is unique to you, other affiliates will have other links different from yours so there’s no problem when paying the commissions.

To join an affiliate program you need to find one that is right for you.  This means, that the affiliate programs you join have to be related to your niche site or they need to be of interest to your visitors in order to get results. You can also turn to individual companies or join marketplaces and networks.  It’s best to join programs related to products you have bought or services you’ve used in the past because your satisfaction with them can indicate if the product or service will work for your site.

One of the most popular affiliate programs is Amazon.  Amazon was also one of the first that started the affiliate marketing ads. To join, you would need to register your website in the program and then they place links, banners and products in your website.

Commission Junction is a network with an affiliate program for publishers you can join by applying for a Commission Junction Publisher account. If you qualify, all your metrics will be available for the advertisers to see and decide if they want to publish in your site.

ClickBank is another very popular program to join and to do so you only need to visit their website and they have a step by step presentation that shows you how they work.

Azoogle Ads is a very good alternative as well. It’s very similar to the other networks and to subscribe you only need to create an account and register your blog or website. You need to wait to get approved and then you will receive the code that you need to integrate to your blog or site.

Link Share just like Commission Juction and ClickBank is one of the best in its kind. As the other programs, you need to register and wait for approval. Once approved, you can look for merchants by name or you can also explore the options. You will then have the option to create the affiliate links that can be banners or individual products.

The best thing to do is research before you jump into affiliate marketing and choose a program that offers easy ways to communicate with them in case you have a question or concern. Compare services and read third party reviews to have a more reliable approach when venturing into affiliate marketing.

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