Dribbling is an essential part of becoming a great basketball player. You cannot expect your teammates to rely on you if you don't know how to handle the ball or how to deal with a defender using the dribble. Shooting alone will not make you competent enough to survive when on the court. If you need help with ball handling, then you seriously need to consider basketball dribbling drills.

Before moving on to shooting skills, you need to make sure you are competent enough to hold the ball in your hands, advance it along the court, or handle it to deal with defenders. Learning basketball dribbling drills can help you do this using dribbling techniques and basketball dribbling tricks. Let's look at a list of dribbling moves you can use to practice among your drills and help make you better.

1.) The Stutter Steps

Do this when you approach your enemy and want to get past him. When you are around a distance of 3 feet, perform 4-5 fast and choppy steps with both your feet. Then when you have him fooled, blow by him to get an open shot or a layup. This one of the fairly easier basketball dribbling tricks you can learn with basketball dribbling drills.

2.) The Crossover

You can do this when approaching an enemy with the intent of getting past him. Let's say for example you are using your right hand to dribble. The moment your right foot steps on the floor, push off it with all your strength and speed while spontaneously performing a quick and low single dribble towards your left hand. As you do this, your right foot follows the ball toward the left side of your body. Dribble forward and by now you should be well past your opponent.

Try performing this after doing Stutter Steps. This can be a part of your basketball dribbling drills to help practice the Stutter Crossover.

3.) Reverse Dribble

This is one of the common basketball dribbling tricks you can see usually performed by all players in the court. It is otherwise known as the spin move. It comes in handy when you are being defended in close proximities such as on the post. Let's say for example you have the ball on your right hand. Make sure your left foot is right in front of your defender's right foot. Perform a sudden spin to your right. You should be by your defender now as you explode to the basket using a few simple dribbles or you can take the easy open shot.

These are some of the basketball dribbling tricks you can add to your basketball dribbling drills. The only way to improve and imprint these moves as a natural part of your basketball personality is through the use of practice, practice, and a lot more practice. Take some time off your week to perform drills and practice different tricks to help you earn an advantage when facing defenders on the court. When you feel you're a competent ball handler, you can then move on to shooting drills.