Having a big swimming pool in the backyard is a nice thing to have on a hot summer day. Especially if you have kids, who love engaging in fun activities, they'd probably appreciate a basketball hoop for the pool. Purchasing basketball hoops for pools provides more entertainment for young ones who quickly get bored during the middle of summer. It's really a lot fun playing water basketball. Especially on those hot days when its too hot to play basketball in the driveway, or down at the park. Sitting out back in the pool, and dunking and shooting on a good swimming pool basketball hoop can be very entertaining for both kids and adults. Down below are some tips on different kind of swimming pool basketball hoops to buy. Some are more expensive than others. The kind of swimming pool you have might factor in what kind of basketball hoop you should buy for your outdoor pool.

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In Ground Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops

Most people don't go with in ground basketball hoops. The main reason is that they cost a lot of money. You'll have to spend over a thousand dollars if you want a really good in ground swimming pool hoop to play on. Basketball hoops for pools are used for entertainment and fun, more than for one to play a serious game of basketball on. After all, you can't practice your killer cross over dribble in the swimming pool. It's probably just better to buy a really good in ground basketball hoop for the driveway, or patio if you don't already have one.

In ground swimming pool hoops are worth buying, they just might be outside your budget for just a casual swimming pool hoop. There are quite a few more advantages in purchasing quality in ground basketball hoops for pools compared to others though. For one they are a lot safer to play on. You can dunk on them, hang on the rim, and you don't have to worry about them tipping over and into the pool. If you have an in ground swimming pool in the backyard, then installing an in ground basketball hoop wouldn't be a bad idea. Of course as long as you don't mind spending more money. They're by far the best hoops to play on whether it be playing in the pool, or on a ground surface.

Most in ground basketball hoops for pools feature either acrylic or polycarbonate backboards. A really good adjustable in ground basketball hoop to buy is the Goalsetter Systems Aqua System Adjustable In-Ground Swimming Hoop. It features a 48 inch backboard, and it's made with acrylic.  Polycarbonate is stronger than acrylic, so you still need to be careful when dunking on this hoop. It will adjust from 6-10 feet tall while in the swimming pool.



In Ground Swimming Basketball Hoop

Swimline 9195M Super-Wide 44" Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball
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(price as of Oct 24, 2016)

Portable Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops

Most people choose portable basketball hoops for swimming pools. They're a lot more practical, and cheaper to purchase compared to an in ground hoop. After all when you're outside swimming, you're just looking to have some fun. You don't necessarily need a professional basketball hoop. Something that's just sturdy, and reliable to play on is good enough. Besides you can always move a portable hoop if it is in your way. You don't get that luxury with in ground hoops.

When you purchase a portable hoop, you want to make sure you do get something that is safe to play on. Portable hoops are much lighter, and dunking on them can be extremely sensitive. Especially if you have kids fooling around, they can seriously injure themselves on one. Make sure you fill up the portable basketball hoop with sand, and not water. Sand weighs it down much better.

When buying a swimming pool hoop the same basics can pretty much apply for regular basketball hoops. Lifetime makes some really good portable basketball hoops for swimming. The Lifetime 1306 hoop is available in both 44 inch acrylic or granite backboards. They're the perfect pool basketball hoops for adults and kids to play on. It mimics a regular portable basketball hoop, expect it is smaller and can be used for pool sides.

Lifetime In Ground Swimming Basketball Hoop

Wall Mounted Basketball Hoops for Pools

Wall mounted basketball hoops for pools are pretty rare. However, if your swimming pool is close enough outside by your house, garage, porch or any other exterior wall where a hoop can be mounted on, then you could decide just to purchase a wall mounted basketball hoop. I generally really love wall mounted basketball hoops a lot. But for a pool hoop it just doesn't seem as practical as an in ground or portable basketball hoop. A wall mounted hoop more than likely won't be as close to the pool (after all it needs mounted on a wall) making it a bit awkward to play on.

Wall mounted mini basketball hoops that can be mounted up on a garage, or house, that's close enough to the pool might be fun for the kids to play on.
Amazon has some good mini outdoor wall mounted hoops. If you want something a bit authentic, then the Mini Pro 2.0 Wall Mounted Mini Basketball Hoop would work.  Wall mounted basketball hoops for swimming pools wouldn't be my first choice though. One advantage is that they can be used as regular indoor/outdoor basketball hoops too. Mounted hoops aren't hard to install, and take down whenever needed.

Mini Pro 2.0 Wall Mounted Mini Basketball Hoop

Wall Mounted Mini Basketball Hoop - Mini Pro 2.0
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(price as of Oct 24, 2016)

Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops for Kids

Safety is the key when you have kids who will be playing on hoops in the pool. If one decides to horse around, he or she can easily hurt themselves. Some cheap molded plastic like polyurethane are made as junior basketball hoops. The Dunnrite Junior Hoop Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop is a bit smaller for younger kids to play on. It's known as a junior basketball hoop. Anyone can play on it really, but this is not the type of hoop you can dunk on. With water in the base it only weighs 110 pounds. Even kids shouldn't be dunking, or trying to hang on the rim with this basketball hoop. It's ideal for kids between the ages of 7 and 12 years old to play on.

Dunnrite Junior Hoop Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

Dunnrite Junior Hoop Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop
Amazon Price: $287.44 $269.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 24, 2016)