Want to Land a Job in Basketball? There are plenty of opportunities for employment for individuals with passion for the game. Jobs can be found at highschool, college, and professional levels - but like most professions, you've got to work your way up into a position of prestige. Coaching and assistant coaching positions aren't the only positions available - there are many other jobs such as stats tracking or equipment management that you may use to "get your foot in the door."

Basketball Careers
There are people from many walks of life that have an interest in having a career in basketball. For some it may have been their lifelong dream to be a professional player. There may be a high school coach who is looking to coach at a college or professional level. One person may consider being a free agent looking to find a new team. Another individual may be hoping to land that basketball career as a sports agent, looking for his next big talent. Another basketball career is for someone who would just like to work as part of a team, in any capacity. If any of these descriptions rings true, then you may want to take a step onto the basketball court.

Basketball Agents
Many young people dream of playing as professional basketball players. Most famous basketball players achieve their stardom and are often discovered by professional teams through the hiring of a basketball agent. A good agent can have a huge impact on the career of a professional basketball player. They assist in getting the player established by informing prospective teams and the media what the basketball player excels at. If a player does not get regional recognition, they can get deadlocked. This is usually caused by playing in the same location for too long. When this occurs in basketball, international exposure may become something very challenging to achieve. The National Basketball Association is the professional basketball circuit in the United States. However, they are not the only league looking for talented young players. A basketball agent could help find good deals and more money in a different setting. Some alternatives to the NBA are the Canadian league and the Australian league.

Basketball Coaching Qualifications
When making a career move to become a basketball coach, considering the qualifications required of the position should be the first step. Conducting internet research is a good place to start in finding out what the qualifications of a basketball coach might be. There are basketball coaching training courses available to develop your skill set and knowledge, which will help you make it as a basketball coach. These sites can also help teach things that you may not know but are crucial for allowing your career to get a jump start.

Thorough knowledge of the game is a necessary component in becoming a basketball coach. Most coaches start coaching either at the youth level or high school level. They then go on to coach at a higher level after developing their skills and gaining experience.

For some, coaching is the next step in retiring from their own basketball playing careers. Besides coaching, analyzers and sports reporters are other fields of interest for those retiring from the basketball playing court.

Five Tips
Here are five tips to becoming an employee or player of a high level of basketball.
• Do your homework. Make contact with agents using the telephone or email. When leaving a message, make sure that the contact information is provided. If an application is required, attach the completed application. Contact information and a complete application would facilitate the process for the agent to call back.
• Write down a list of questions. Generating a list of questions to ask the basketball agent will show interest in and knowledge about the position that the agent might have available.
• Write the goals down. The goals need to be based on physical capabilities. They need to also be based on what you would like to achieve in your career in the basketball industry.
• Beware of basketball scams on the internet. Suspicious sites are those that ask for money, do not have an "About us," or "contact" location. These sites are usually redirected sites.
• Research, Research and Research. After compiling a list of some agents you might want to contact and teams of which you really want to join, research them. In conducting this research, find other basketball players that currently are or have been represented by the basketball agent. Also, research the agent's reputation.

Before making a deal with a team or an agent, follow these steps. They might help a person seeking a career on the basketball courts. Being knowledgeable in personal physical strengths and capabilities in addition to value will assist in giving the agent a good first impression.