Baskets for Bikes: Exploring the Baskets for Bikes Craze

A Look at Different Bike Baskets

Baskets for bikes sounded like a good cause, or so I thought when I heard it in passing recently.  I stopped and asked the people having the conversation to tell me a little more about the baskets for bikes campaign.  It turns out, I just wasn't speaking their language.  They were referring to actual baskets that are attached to bicycles.  I guess that makes more sense, until I thought about it for a minute.  Let me get this straight, people still attach those ugly baskets to their bikes?  Apparently, they do.  They're not just for children anymore either, which I figured was the main demographic.  

As a kid, I had a basket attached to my bicycle.  I have no idea what I used it for, or why I even had it on my bike, but I know I did.  They're great for kids who bike to their friend's house, but don't necessarily want to take a backpack filled with their stuff with them.  They also make themed baskets for bikes, such as the Disney Princess Basket and a Barbie Basket.  Not only do they help you carry things, but they also make your bike more fashionable!  For a child at least.

I didn't realize this, but there are a lot of bike baskets made for small dogs out there.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since there are already dog clothes and little doggie luggage that you can carry your small dog around in.  Well, now I know there are also bike baskets for them too, and they're really nice!  Take for instance the Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket.  These are the product features:

    -Removable inner pad and chin rest for comfort
    -Packs and ships flat for easy storage
    -Multiple storage pockets and inner leash clip
    -Rain cover stored in side pocket
    -Durable micro fiber wipes clean

A little nicer than the old wire bike baskets, wouldn't you say?  I'm just glad the little dogs finally have a chin rest!

There are also high-end bike baskets out there, if a regular one just won't do.  The higher end ones that I found were well over $100 and were made out of everything from grass to solid wood to the left over scraps from making horse saddles.  The most impressive basket I came across was made out of bamboo.  According to the description, you could also throw the shoulder strap over your head and use the basket to carry anything from beach towels to shopping purchases.  

It was fun to take some time to research baskets for bikes, even though I initially thought it was something completely different.  I didn't even think kids used bike baskets anymore, let alone adults, but apparently there's a higher demand for them than I anticipated.  At least I know if I ever want one, there are plenty of options out there!