As all anglers know, catching some fish can be more challenging than others. Bass fishing, which includes angling for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted black bass and Guadalupe bass, has now become a huge money spinner, as bass is one of the most sought after game-fish in the country. The popularity of bass fishing can be directly attributed to its free availability, (be it in ponds, lakes, streams or even creeks); and to the skill an angler needs to demonstrate to reel one in, which can indeed be a difficult task due to the strong resistance a captured bass displays in an attempt to escape. When hooked, largemouth bass display formidable strength and resistance in keeping with their size, whilst smallmouth bass display greater agility and jump more, in an attempt to cast off the hook. Bass fish are edible and said to carry a delicate flavor when cooked; but anglers who engage in bass fishing as a sport, sometimes adopt the "catch and release" policy whereby the bass is returned to the waters it came from. Many online resources are available to help anglers perfect the art of bass fishing. These sites discuss manufacturers, retailers, tournaments, bass-clubs, and most importantly provide a forum where fishermen can exhibit their prized photographs, clarify questions, seek advice and discuss any matters generally pertaining to bass fishing. These websites which are geared to improve the proficiency of bass fishing, also address the pros and cons of using various types of lures such as crank-baits, spinner-baits, jigs, grubs and worms; and helps fine-tune techniques such as flipping, doodling, pitching and night-fishing, all of which would help fishermen reel in their perfect catch. When engaging in bass fishing, although plastic lures are sometimes used, live-bait, fly-fishing, reels and rods are said to dominate the sport. Another interesting fact, potential anglers should note, is that bass are visual and scent-oriented predators, so when using plastic lures it is important, that these contain no foreign odors. Bass fishing has now led to the development of a wide-range of specialized fishing gear, including electronic depth and fish-finding instruments, drift boats, float tubes, and specialized bass boats. There are several competitions aimed at promoting bass fishing, such as Bassmaster Tournamnet Trail and the FLW series, to name but two renowned contests. Outside the United States too, bass fishing is now increasing in popularity, with Japan and South Africa demonstrating a growing interest in this sport.