While a boat definitely helps when bass fishing, you can catch plenty of bass from the bank. You just have to know a few things about bass behavior and have the right equipment. The tips and suggestions below will help you catch bass without having to spend money on a boat.

1. Fish early or late. In the morning and in the evening, bass are more likely to be closer to the shore to feed. You want to take advantage of this.

2. Find some structure of fish the shallows. Try to find a fallen tree, a dock, or some other type of structure. If there is no structure, try fishing in the shallows, especially those with weeds or other vegetation. If you have access to a dam, fish there, as dams are fish magnets.

3. Cast parallel to the bank. Do not just throw your line out as far as possible. Instead, cast as close to the bank as possible. If you ever watch bass fishermen fish from a boat, they almost always cast into the shore. You want to do the same.

4. Use a topwater lure. If you are fishing early in the morning (and I mean early), and you notice the bass are rising to feed, try using a topwater lure like a popper or buzzbait. There is nothing like seeing a bass rise and thrash your lure, and topwaters work best in the morning when the water is calm and still.

5. Use a spinner like a Rooster Tail. Try using a Rooster Tail or some other type of spinner. Just cast out parallel to the shore and begin retrieving. Make sure you keep the spinner spinning. These lures are very attractive to bass, and they will sometimes strike out of agitation.

6. Use a soft plastic, Texas rigged. Try using a Texas rigged plastic worm or lizard. These work great around structure. Try using pumpkin green or another color that resembles the color of the vegetation near the location you are fishing.

7. Change locations: Bass cruise the shoreline in the morning and evening, and you should do the same. Don’t just stay in one location. Bring some type of tackle bag so you can quickly move to another spot if you are not getting any hits.

Again, having some type of boat definitely helps when it comes to bass fishing, but you really can catch plenty of bass from the shore. Just follow the above tips and be persistent.

Good luck!