Lots of people want to start learning how to play the bass guitar, but don't really want to pay out hundreds of dollars on something that they might not take too. Most new budding guitarists, will probably start cheap and look for bass guitars that cost under 100 dollars. So if they quickly find out that its not for them, they haven't lost that much money. Heck if they were to sell the bass guitar on eBay they would probably get back what they paid for it anyway.

Let's take a quick look at just four models of bass guitars under 100 dollars that are currently out there for sale in the marketplace.

Bass Guitars Under 100 DollarsThe first bass guitar that we are going to look at is the AB 43 Inch Bass Guitar. At less than $80 this is a fantastic guitar for such a cheap price. It comes with a carrying strap and a nylon bag to store the guitar in when not in use. It has a basswood body, rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets and split pick ups. This guitar would make a fantastic gift, especially for teens who are just starting out.

The second bass guitar under 100 dollars is the Austin Bazaar 43 Inch Electric Bass Guitar. This guitar is very popular with beginners because of its classic double cutaway design, basswood body and classic good looks. Again this guitar comes with a gig bag and carrying strap. This guitar comes fully assembly, no setup is needed to start playing, making it a fantastic gift for smaller children. The color of this guitar is black and it has a hard wearing & durable construction and finish.

The third bass guitar under $100 is the Rogue SX100B Series II. This four string electric bass guitar has a 34 inch scale bolt on maple neck and a rosewood fretboard with dot inlays. The guitar is superbly constructed and has a durable, thick and high gloss finish on its headstock, neck and body. The hardware of the guitar is chrome and it comes with a split coil pickup and volume and tone controls. Because this bass guitar is slightly smaller and lighter than your standard size bass guitar, it makes it a fine instrument for people who still require great playability without the hefty weight.

The fourth and final bass guitar under 100 dollars is the Copley CBE-14 Bass Guitar. This model has a stunning candy apple red finish to it, long lasting chrome hardware and a steel reinforced neck for added durability and strength. The guitar is constructed from a solid laminated wood body, maple wood neck and rosewood fingerboard. It is a 4 string electric bass guitar that produces excellent sound with it 2 volumes and 1 tone controls. This guitar is ideal for the beginner to intermediate player, but if you are a little bit more advanced you will definitely need to look elsewhere and spend a little bit more than 100 dollars to find you perfect bass guitar.