The Basset Hound is short legged variety of dog that belongs from hound family. Basically it is from Europe and the St. Hubert hound was the forerunner. But the name Basset came from French and bas means low set. It has honey coloured back, white coloured tail, nose and legs with light brown spots. This dog exist in variety of colour spots on their body mostly brown (tan), white and black colour. It also has long and downward ears with dark brown colour. Very rarely it is available in gray and blue colour. It is scent hound as its sense of smell for tracking is second. It is a slow moving dog, sad eyed, high in popularity. Due to its intensity to the hunt and obedience in the home, its popularity is ever growing.

The height of the dog is around 1 foot and weight is between 16 to 32kg. You can find out rough haired hound but most of them have smooth, short haired coats. You can create unstoppable bond between you and Basset Hound by spending lots of time with them. The nature of hound is friendly, obedient, gentle and mild because of this it loves people and easily mixes with them. A hound is exceptionally loyal dog and always barks with rich vocal tone. To get the attraction from others, it clutches a toy and slings it around. There are some few groups that organize the rabbit hunting with Basset and they don't involve killing of any animals.

You can take tips and training from breeders for care and feeding of Basset Hound. A Basset needs water and a high quality food for long, active and healthy life. Selecting a good dog food is important part of feeding as there are many brands available in market. A high quality brand food contains all nutrients but the cheapest one not contains the quality ingredients that your Basset need. Feed your dog 2-3 small meals in a day with clean water to drink after a meal time. Monitor and maintain the ideal weight of your Basset.

There many shops are available all over the world where you can buy a Basset Hound puppy. There are many websites are available where you can check the complete information about Basset puppy with price and can buy it online also. You can buy at reasonable price as the price of Basset varies with its quality and the regions. So buy your basset puppy pet from your nearest pet shop.