What is the Perfect Bat Mitzvah Gift?

Bat Mitzvah gifts are given to a girl on the occasion of her being called to read from the Torah.  This is a momentous milestone in her life, and what people choose to give as a gift is typically above and beyond what would be give on an ordinary birthday.  There are many different gifts that you can give a girl on her special day.


One of the easiest and most popular gifts to give is money.  It can be in the form of a check or a savings bond. How much money you choose to give depends on several factors.  One is your personal relationship to the child and her family.  Family members or friends who are as close as family will give more than those who are not as close. Many people like to give gifts in denominations of 18, which is chai-life in Hebrew.

Another situation that factors into the amount of money you give is if you are traveling to attend the event.  If you are paying for a hotel room, airfare, and a rental car, this will affect the amount of money you give.  

How many people from your family will be attending the Bat Mitzvah service and party also determine the amount of money you will give.  A couple will give a different amount than a family of five.

You also have to consider what you are able to afford to give.  The bottom line is that the gift you give has to fit your budget.

Gift IdeasBat Mitzvah Gifts-Diamond Star of DavidCredit: www.amazon.com

If you want to give a small gift in addition to a check, or in lieu of one, here are some Bat Mitzvah gift options.


Jewelry makes the perfect gift.  This item will be a remembrance of her special day for years to come.  While you can give any kind of jewelry, one that is Judaic, such as a Star of David, a hamsa, or a mezuzah is more meaningful.Bat Mitzvah Gift-Jewish Themed Decorative Keepsake BoxCredit: www.amazon.com
Because this is such a special occasion, giving a necklace, bracelet or earrings that have diamonds or other precious gemstone is appropriate.

Gifts With a Bat Mitzvah Theme

A decorative box with a Bat Mitzvah theme makes a beautiful gift and also acts as a keepsake.  Items from the day-the service program, a candle, cards, her kippah-anything that is a precious memory of her Jewish milestone can be kept in this box.
Bat Mitzvah Gifts Porcelin Bat Mitzvah StatueCredit: www.amazon.com
A statue that stands as a symbol of a girl’s Bat Mitzvah can also be given as a special gift.  Every time she looks at it, she will remember who gave it to her and why.

Judaic trinket boxes make a beautiful present.Bat Mitzvah gifts Star of David bookmarkCredit: www.amazon.com  She can put her special gifts of jewelry inside it.  

This beautiful Star of David bookmark is not like the ones you find at your local bookstore.  The young woman will be reading a lot wile in school, and this bookmark will help her keep her place.

Bat Mitzvah gifts-Picture FrameCredit: www.amazon.comA themed picture frame of photo album makes a beautiful gift.  Her favorite photo from her big day can be placed inside.

Bat Mitzvah gifts are special things you give to a Jewish girl on her thirteenth birthday as she is called to the bimah and becomes and adult in the eyes of the Jewish community.  Finding the right one takes time and thought.

Jewelry for a Teenage Girl

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If you are on a budget, this gorgeous necklace with the Shema prayer on it makes a lovely gift and keepsake.

Judaic Bangle Bracelet

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This charm bracelet has an elastic band and can be worn year round.