If your elderly loved ones love to have a bath, but have become scared of getting in and out for fear of slipping or falling, then consider bath seats for elderly. Consider these seats also for any injuries that make it hard to have a tub, anything that makes getting in and out of the bathtub difficult, could use these.

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Imagine yourself, managing to climb into a bath, but then not be able to get out. Maybe the warm water has made your muscles weaker, and with the slippery tub, and nothing to really hang onto, the only way you could get out was to literally roll over the side of the tub (This is how my dad used to do it). This is not a good situation.

bath seats for elderly

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But there are so many great and affordable mobility aids for elderly on the market now. Although many seniors may end up renovating their homes to help with their mobility issues, there are some other choices to be able to live in your home the way it is.

Bath seats for elderly are designed to sit in the bath. They are adjustable and have non slip rubber feet. There is an "extra seat" that is on the outside of the bath, that you sit on comfortably and then swing your legs in. You are not on the slippery surface, which causes many accidents amongst seniors.

You can then slide over to the main seat, and enjoy a nice bath. They can be adjusted to your comfortable height, and they have attached baskets and areas for you to keep your soap and wash cloth. This way you are not reaching for everything you need.

When it comes time to get out, you can slide over to the seat on the outside of the bath and then get out, without depending on standing on the bottom of the bath tub, where it can be slippery.

These seats for the elderly can help to keep them independent. This is great for anyone with mobility issues who just need a helping hand to continue living in their own place. These are affordable and a great way to prevent a fall in the bathroom which is a huge concern for anyone with mobility issues, such as the elderly, sick or even recovering from accidents or ill health.

You can get these in most medical supply stores, and pharmacies, but you can also get them online at Amazon.

Shopping online for mobility aids for elderly or for anyone with mobility issues is a great way to find out what is new in the market, and to compare prices. There are so many styles and brands of these mobility aids, that one store may not have everything you need, so checking and shopping online is a great way to go.

You don't have to go store to store looking in person, which can be hard if you have mobility issues. By shopping online, the products come to you.

Consider this a great option, if you feel anxious or scared about having a tub. Once you feel more confident about getting into the bath with bath seats, then you will feel better about things in general. Maybe you have bad knees, whatever the reason, consider purchasing bath seats for that extra protection in the bathroom and tub.

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this is a much easier way to get in and out of the bath, and give you more confidence.