If you're ready for a shower makeover to transform your bathroom from drab to fabulous, enough to usher blissful bath experiences, don't forget some bath shower curtain ideas.

It's an inexpensive way to perk up the master bath or children's bathroom, after you're done with choosing and installing the furniture as well as the right lighting fixtures that make all the other special bathroom details stand out.

Bath shower curtain ideas must take into consideration the size of the bathroom. For a small bathroom, it's best to stick to simple designs and colors if you do not want your bath area to look gross or overwhelming with patterns.

On the other hand, you need not settle for just a plain shower curtain either. Have fun choosing the appropriate design, especially for your kids' bathroom, but don't go overboard.

Other tips include:

  • Sticking to the décor theme of the adjoining bedroom
  • Choosing the theme elements sparingly
Try not to make the bathroom look too busy by buying everything - from the wallpaper to the rugs, towels and other bath implements, with the same characters. You can have a bathroom theme, but simply match the shower curtain with a bath mat or rug with the same color.

You may opt for your kid's favorite storybook or movie character in easy-to-clean vinyl or (if your child is a pet lover) an animal shower curtain like a swanky looking cat before a purple moon placed next to a solid painted wall for contrast.

For the master bath, the most important bathroom of the house, there are countless bath shower curtain ideas that may strike your fancy that would go great with your shower designs. Some of the top sellers are a country-inspired shower curtain design that lends an antique look without looking outdated.

Some of the best rated shower curtain options for the bathroom adjoining the master's bedroom are easy-to-clean vinyl shower curtains in decorative prints like a tropical-inspired bamboo design, or fresh pansies in lush white and green.

A great alternative is a seashore motif with fish or shells placed beside a wall done in plain sky blue or a sandy beige. These all work great for bathroom shower enclosures.

The advantages and disadvantages of shower curtains are not limited to their outward appearance. Functionality is just as important, so when planning to buy bath shower curtains, consider the personal maintenance you'd be comfortable with, your budget, and the tastes of the bathroom users.