If you have been losing your confidence, when it comes to getting in and out of the tub, there are some options. Bath Steps.

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 There are many mobility aids for elderly, seniors and anyone with mobility issues. You can get bath seats that fit right in the bath. You can get swivel bath seats, where you sit on them on the outside of the tub and then they swivel to the inside. There are many types of shower stools and bath chairs to choose from.

bath steps

Bath Safety Step

But what if the height is more the problem, getting over and into the tub is what is troubling you? You don't want to sit on a bath seat or bath chair in the tub, you want to lay right down in the tub.

The best way to do this is with bath steps. These are basically slip free steps that are 4 inches tall, and you then step up to the tub. If you then put a non slip coating or pad in the bottom of your bath, then you can step up to your bath and get in.

These bath steps, just give you that extra help you may need. You can get these in most medical supply stores or pharmacies, but you can also get these bath steps online at such stores as Amazon.

Rather than go shopping in person all over town, you can just shop online, and see all the different products that are now on the market for mobility aids. There is no reason to fear the tub or shower anymore! If you have a higher tub, or you just don't feel comfortable getting in, then consider these bath steps.

If you are using bath steps to get in the tub, then you should also have grab bars installed to hold on to while getting in. These are still a cheaper alternative to a huge bathroom renovation. Just by adding a few of these mobility aids, like the bath steps, grab bars, and such, you will feel more confident about bathing.

If you are caring for elderly parents or relatives, then some of these mobility aids, will help them to stay in their home longer. Many seniors, may not realize just how many different mobility aids are on the market now. Many are quite affordable, and can make the difference between being independent and possibly a fall.

Falls become the fear for seniors and others with mobility issues, and by having bath steps, or bath chairs, shower stools, or even a tub transfer bench, and well installed grab bars on the walls, they can put their fears to rest.

Mobility aids for elderly, in the bathroom, is a great way to allow the senior to stay private. But you may need to investigate a bit, as to what exactly would work well for your loved one. Maybe they only need a little assistance to alleviate fears, and feel good about taking care of themselves again in the bathroom. Or maybe they need more assistance, such as with a bath chair or shower stool for example.

Once you know, just what type of mobility aid they need, then you can go shopping online, to find out what type of price you can get them for. You can go store to store, but online is a great way to see all the different mobility aids that are on the market now. You may find ones you had never even thought of, such as bed canes or bed rails. There are all kinds of affordable mobility aids for elderly. 

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