Choosing the right bathtub design and styles for your bathroom can be a daunting task to fit the needs of your home.  You have a lot of options and types to choose from, and it is important not to solely base your selection based on price alone, but rather think of it as a long-term investment in your home.  Some types might be great for your family and some not nearly as well, so you really need to do more than compare the prices.  Throughout the article, I would like to share some information with you about the different types of bathtub styles and designs that are out there to help you make an easier decision to upgrade your bathroom.  You are soon to discover there are many different options available to you.


Soaking Tubs

When looking for a new bathtub, this style is going to have a wide variety of selection on the shelf at stores.  You will see a price range as low as $100 up to and over the $5,000 mark.  The majority of soaking tubs are going to be 5 ft. long but can range anywhere from 4 feet to 6 feet long for your preference.  You can buy this design in various colors, which commonly include beige, black, white, blue, tan, brown, green, grey, pink, and white to fit the theme of your bathroom.


Claw foot Tubs

If you're looking to buy a claw foot tub to suit your style needs then plan on dropping at least a thousand dollars to buy one of these.  Most of these tubs are made of cast iron and can be pretty heavy.  Some are made from acrylic which is very light.  You will mostly find these types of tubs made in the color white, but you can get them in black, beige, and yellow.  When choosing this type of style, people generally make this the focal point of their whole bathroom.


Walk-in Tubs

When purchasing a walk-in tub, your budget should be thinking no less than 3 thousand dollars up to about 6 thousand max.  Your faucet and knobs will always be on the walk-in side of the tub.  You can choose to walk-in on the right side or left side.  You are looking at a range of 4 foot, 4/.25 foot, and 5-foot tubs in length.

 Whirlpool Tubs

If you are looking for the luxury of a whirlpool tub there are many shapes and sizes out there for you.  You can buy a whirlpool tub that fits up to 2 people.  Obviously the more people it fits, the bigger the tub, hence the more expensive it is.  You can have a selection of jets for a great massage from a number of 4 all the way up to 120 air jets.

Location of Bath Tub

Often the location of your bath tub can dictate the type of tub you are going to need. Ask your questions such as: Are you doing a remodel of the whole bathroom to replace the original setting.  If you do keep it in the same spot, you will save a fortune on the plumbing costs it would add if you did decide to move it.  If money is not a problem then move it if you would like.

Where to Buy

You can look all over local hardware and appliance stores or even nationally recognized stores such as Home Depot and Lowes.  Online shopping isn't a bad idea, but you sometimes want the luxury to talk to a professional about installation and so forth before investing in this.  Be sure to go in with exact measurements of the bathroom/or previous bathtub that was in there before.