The average bath remodeling project costs about fifteen thousand dollars.  In the current economic climate, this big number puts a complete bath renovation out of reach for many cash strapped families.  So are there any other options to update your bathroom on a budget?

Plumbing Trim Replacement

Did you know you can replace the trim for your shower faucet easily without a plumber?  The trim is the portion of the faucet that you see.  This includes the shower head, temperature adjuster, and tub spout.  Manufacturers put these into packages they call trim kits.  As long as you know the manufacturer and valve type in the wall, you can easily replace your shower trim in less than an hour.  These trim kits can be purchased for less than a hundred bucks and they provide a totally new look to your shower.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Are you tired of that old, mildew-covered shower curtain?  You can lose the curtain and install a frameless glass shower enclosure.  A frameless glass shower surround is just what it says...there is no metal frame surrounding the glass so you get a high-end custom look.  The glass is typically extra thick to provide rigidity.  One product line you might want to check out is Dreamline.  The cost is very reasonable.  We just installed one of these frameless glass enclosures for less than $500.

Designer Stock Vanity

There are some really great looking stock vanities that have a custom look at a bargain basement price.  Why are they so inexpensive you say?  Manufacturers have created custom designs and then make them in large quantities.  So, you get a high quality look, with a very efficient price.  These may be purchased at your local home improvement store or online.  Some things to consider when looking at new vanities:

  • get the same size as the existing vanity or you will run into flooring and plumbing problems
  • don't install a vanity with full overlay doors against a wall as they may rub the wall or worse, not open all the way (use a filler strip at the wall to prevent these problems)
  • if your old vanity is solid underneath, meaning, it covers the floor, be sure to purchase the same type of new vanity (if you buy a vanity that sits up off the floor, you will need to add flooring underneath)

Don't be intimidated by the average prices quoted to completely remodel a bathroom.  You can have an updated bathroom without spending a fortune.