Bath and Body Oils - Cheap Natural Wellness Oil for Sale

Relaxation is a necessity for our body's wellness, and bath and body oils can help you relax while keeping yourself in tip-top shape. Bath and body oils are infused with bath water to give your daily (or nightly, for that matter) bath a much-needed boost. Tired of your usual hot or cold shower? You might want to consider using these.

Most bath and body oils have plant-derived essential oils in them. That way, certain qualities, such as scents and nutrients, of the plants from which they are taken are retained. For instance, if your selected bath and body oils contain coconut, it would most probably smell like the coconut fruit and contain the plant's nutrients.

Bath and body oils are water-soluble, or in other words can be diffused in water and, as mentioned, added to bath water to enhance your bath from just soaking to overall rejuvenation of your body. And indeed, the use of these oils is beneficial in terms of health and beauty care. With bath and body oils, not only can you keep yourself looking fresh and feeling great, you can aid your body in functioning better as a whole.

With regard to health, bath and body oils play a part in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the medicinal use of scents given off by plants and plant parts such as leaves, roots and flowers. And as mentioned, the essential oils extracted from these plant parts carry the distinctive scents of their plant derivatives. This kind of therapy has helped treat patients with cases such as migraine, eczema, fatigue, and the like.

Stress is also a widespread problem for many, especially those working graveyard shifts, but it's not something that bath and body oils can't fix. You can add a drop or two of these to your bath and as you soak up, you can practically feel your tiredness vanish as you let the bath and body oils do their work. Bath and body oils containing lavender and rosewood, either alone or even together are effective for dealing with stress.

If you think you look a lot older than you really are, bath and body oils can help you in a big way. Using these oils in your bath can help you look younger, as they carry nutrients that promote skin cell regeneration and the elimination of dead skin cells. So if you have wrinkles, stretch marks and other sides of aging, you can count on bath and body oils.

People with academic careers such as professors, writers, researchers and students can even find solace with bath and body oils. Although absorbed through the skin, bath and body oils also have a significant effect on the mind. The aromas of some plant essential oils, when used in baths, are found to help stimulate the mind, improving concentration, memory retention and clarity.

How do bath and body oils work?

Again, as mentioned, bath and body oils usually contain essential oils extracted from plants and plant parts. In turn, these essential oils have the nutrients of these plants from which they're derived. And, when treated and turned into water-soluble bath and body oils, they still are made to carry the qualities of their plant derivatives.

In aromatherapy, aromatic molecules, the active components of bath and body oils which carry nutrients, interact with the surface of the nasal cavity when inhaled through the nose. Then, these molecules are transferred to the limbic system, a part of the brain which controls the endocrine and nervous systems. From the brain, the aromatic molecules are then transmitted to different parts of the body through hormonal release, by the endocrine system, and nerve receptors of the nervous system.

When absorbed through the skin, the molecules are carried in the bloodstream and subsequently circulated to different parts of the body.

How can I use bath and body oils? Can I make my own?

You may add a drop or two of bath and body oils in warm bath water, or you may massage them thoroughly on your body before you get in your bath water and soak in your relaxing, reenergizing bath. Even in the shower, you may use bath and body oils through topical massage.

You may also make your own bath and body oils. First up, decide what base oil you want to use. Extra virgin grapeseed oil is an excellent choice. You may also puncture a Vitamin E gel capsule and pour the contents into your base oil. Then, choose which essential oil(s) you want to use. Add the essential oil(s) in drops until you get the desired scent. Then mix all ingredients thoroughly. Another option is the addition of dried flower petals for decoration. After all these, pour your ready-made bath and body oil into a clean container.

Where can I buy bath and body oils?

They are mostly found in herbal shops, lternative Medicine">alternative medicine and health-care stores, and beauty-care shops. You may find them online, too. Saffron Rouge, at, sells bath and body oils for as low as $15.95.

Are there any risks in using bath and body oils?

Whether or not you have a history of allergies, it's safest to consult your doctor before resorting to bath and body oils. It should be noted too that plant essential oils are highly concentrated at their pure state and should not be directly applied to the skin.

Whether you're trying to perk up your performance in school or work, keeping yourself looking young, fresh and vibrant, or simply taking care of your health, you should consider using body and bath oils. They come in cheap, are mostly natural, and you can even make your own.