College students have to make some big adjustments when they set out on their own for the first time in their lives including the need for good bathroom accessories ideas. When they lived at home, their parents determined what toiletries and bathroom items to buy and what the decor of the bathroom looked like. When college students get out on their own, it is all up to them.

One of the keys to good college bathroom accessories is mobility. In most cases, the college student does not get to leave his or her bathroom items in the community bathrooms at the dorms and there is usually never enough room to leave the items in the shared bathroom in a house. That is why college students require a whole new approach to bathroom accessories that will help get them through their college experience.

- Soap and Shampoo

Even something as simple as soap becomes a challenge for college students because there is nowhere to safely store wet soap as it dries. One solution is the reliable soap-on-a-rope solution. Students can use the soap and then hang it in their dorm room closet to allow it to dry until the next day.

The best solution for college students and soap is to use small dispenser bottles that can be taken in the shower with them. These bottles are clean, easy to use and store easily. Use the travel size dispenser bottles that are available at any department store.

Shampoos should also be purchased in travel size bottles for two reasons. The first is that travel size bottles are easier to carry. The second reason is that when dorm roommates see the travel size bottle of shampoo, they are less likely to want to borrow it.

- Toothbrush

College students need to get a toothbrush case for their toothbrush or they risk getting a lot of bacteria in their toothbrush. Toothbrush cases are plastic and can protect the toothbrush from bacteria and debris while allowing the toothbrush to dry.

- Carrying Case

One of the best bathroom accessories ideas for college students is to get some kind of carrying case for all of the items that they will be responsible for. It may not sound necessary, but when a college student is running to the shower because she is late for class, it is possible that she will forget her shampoo. A fully loaded carrying case eliminates that problem. The carrying case can also be packed before the student heads out for a night on the town with friends so that it is easier to use in the morning.

A basic clear vinyl bag with a zipper on it is more than adequate for a college bathroom accessories carrying case. There are more elaborate cases available that have patterns and images on them. It is best if the student picks out his own bathroom accessories bag as opposed to his parents picking it out for him.

College is an exciting time where students start to experience things for the first time on their own. Good bathroom accessories ideas help to make that transition smoother and allow the student to enjoy his college experience.