One of the more common and popular areas where bathroom accessories sets are placed is the bathroom sink. In most cases, the sinks are referred to as vanities and the vanity tops can be the home to a myriad of different accessories. Some of the more popular accessories for around the bathroom sink include soap dishes, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and drinking cups. But there are other accessories that could go on and around the bathroom sink to help utilize the space better.

When homeowners look to redesign their bathrooms, one of the reasons is to free up more space. But the area on, under and around the bathroom sink can be utilized to solve many of the space problems that homeowners are experiencing. With a little creative design, these areas can become places where the more important bathroom items are stored.

Towel Racks

Vanity cabinets have a door that opens to reveal the plumbing that leads to the sink. While this door has a practical purpose, it can also be home to bathroom accessories sets that free up space in other parts of the bathroom. If a homeowner needs a small towel rack to hang wash cloths but does not want to take up wall space to do it, then install a small towel rack on the inside of the vanity door.

If the vanity door is large enough, then several small towel racks can be installed to help accommodate the number of towels and washcloths that need to be hung. A small towel rack on the vanity door can also be a place where cleaning rags are hung to dry  as well.


The area under the sink in the vanity cabinet can be a difficult place to store things because the p-trap pipe gets in the way. But there are storage baskets designed specifically for use under the bathroom sink that can turn that area into a place where cleaning supplies are kept or where extra toiletries are stored.

These baskets are usually the wire baskets that are used in the shower and on the back of the toilet. They are convenient because they prevent things from getting into areas under the vanity that are hard to reach. They can also help to keep items away from the valves on the feed pipes that are under the sink. The basket will prevent cans and tubes from bumping into the valves and raising or lowering your water pressure.

Bathroom sinks are places where items can be stored and extra space can be utilized when necessary. Bathroom accessories sets for under and around the sink can allow a homeowner to find better uses for that space and avoid using valuable wall space. When a homeowner does an inventory of the space on, under and around the sink; he will find that there are several options for utilizing that area that he had not previously considered.