The right choice of a bathroom basin vanity unit can be very important. In most cases, choosing the right sized vanity unit will allow ease of mobility in the bathroom and provide for some storage, but there are also times when the proper unit is crucial to family life, as in cases where many people must share the same bathroom. Even for people who don't have these issues, the proper design can make the bathroom a much nicer place to be, which can be important as we do tend to use the bathroom several times daily. It's where we to to perform essential functions as well as to keep ourselves clean, and is really a sanctuary of sorts. So give a bit of consideration to your bathroom vanity unit, especially if you have some special needs that differ from the norm.

One type of bathroom where it's crucial to get things right is in very small bathrooms. Some of the worst spaces may be so small that it's hard to move around in there, much less do what you need to comfortably. Here, getting a corner vanity unit may be necessary to save space. Remember, however, that there's less storage space with these smaller units and you might have to keep things like toilet paper, cleaning agents, etc. elsewhere. An alternative is to install a sink only, under which shelving can be placed. This will be cheaper in most cases than buying a corner basin vanity unit that includes cabinet-style housing.

For shared bathrooms where people seem to be fighting over how much time gets to be spend there, a double vanity unit may be the solution. This is only the case if you put the unit outside the room where the toilet and shower are, as both sinks would be off limits if someone were using the toilet or shower. For some households, the double basin vanity unit can be a real conflict resolver.

Another aspect of choosing a bathroom basin vanity unit is design, which can be more or less important to different individuals. Some people don't care what a unit looks like as long as it gets the job done, and will go for the most common white vanity unit. Others realize that different types of sinks can be better suited to certain things, and will take more care when selecting a vanity unit basin. Still others will want to go all out and get a unit made of a material like stone or wood. It is possible to get an oak vanity unit or walnut vanity unit that adds a touch of class to the bathroom.