Just because you've got a tiny bathroom doesn't mean that there won't be some way to fit a corner sink into it. These days, manufacturers have come up with a number of innovative ideas to make use of even the smallest spaces in the interest of installing sink. A corner sink doesn't necessarily have to be an insignificant unit either, some of them are built with counters that run down either wall to add shelf space.

The three most commonly seen types of corner sinks are the wall mounted corner sink, the pedestal corner sink or a sink and vanity combination unit. Over the top of any of these types of sinks can be installed a mirror and shaving cabinet to form a perfectly functional corner of the bathroom.

A wall mounted corner sink is the smallest type of sink fixture and is attached to the wall with the plumbing directed straight into the wall cavity behind it. You generally won't get any counter space with one of these installations but it will give you a washing area in a space that may have otherwise been considered impossible to use.

Slightly larger is a pedestal corner sink. This unit stands on the floor and can be quite creative in style adding extra appeal to the room. Pedestal sinks may contain a small amount of counter space but they are generally used when room is tight.

A vanity corner sink maximizes the available space but you will generally see them in slightly larger bathrooms. It is not uncommon to see these units with quite a bit of counter space as well as cabinet space underneath. These types of units are suitable for small and large bathrooms and allow you the option of perhaps installing a bathtub where one would otherwise not fitted.

Corner sinks are not restricted to the bathroom with the same types of units found in other small rooms such as the lavatory. Again we are talking about a room where space is generally at a premium and the wall mounted sink is most likely going to be the preferred option. Being able to locate one in the corner of the room makes a nice addition.

Some corner sinks are merely functional necessities that are bought simply to provide a place to wash your hands, shave or check your make-up. Others are more decorative features and can add a much needed splash of personality to the bathroom. There is an amazing range of corner sinks available and the easiest place to view them is online.