It might not be the first area you think of when it comes time to remodel or fix up a home, but you probably spend a lot of time in the bathroom each morning, getting ready for the day. That’s why a bathroom, whatever the size, should provide both aesthetic enjoyment and function. That interplay between eye candy and functionality is paramount when you are considering how to furnish a bathroom with items like a bathroom vanity cabinet, a mirror or a lighting fixture.


The fact is, a small bathroom might be a blessing in disguise. You have to get creative, when you have constraints to work within, and this might make the end result even better. With that said, determining the kind of sink you want will have a significant impact on the final product. There are hideaway sinks, pedestal sinks and floating sinks that don’t take up as much floor space. With the prevalence of modern styles, a modern bathroom vanity could make a bold statement without being too cluttered. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you pick carefully. Your choice of vanity and sink will serve as a focal point.


The bathroom is one of those rooms where storage really needs to be accessible. You wouldn’t want to traipse all the way to the garage just to grab your toothbrush, towel or make-up. To make sure you get all the storage you can squeeze into a small space, you should consider hanging shelves. Floor space is at a premium in a small space, but, with enough wall space, you can include a surprising amount of storage. You might even consider a hanging bathroom cabinet with a mirror as part of a modern bathroom vanity set. If you’re hoping to have an attractive space, you should include cabinets that close shut, concealing items that could detract from the room’s appearance.


To give the bathroom a personal touch, decide on a preferred color scheme and accents. For example, one idea for a themed bathroom might include gorgeous lavender walls, a vase with different flowers and some scented candles. These should match or complement the style you’ve already chosen for your room, as well as the other pieces you’ve included for it, such as the modern bathroom vanity. However, it’s important not to go overboard on décor. As tempting as it might be to buy a bunch of accessories for your small bathroom, you should remember that, with the small size of the room, it will get cluttered quickly. Instead, as a rule of thumb, choose no more than three items that will really make the room look nice and inviting.

You’ve barely scratched the surface with these ideas. There are plenty of other considerations to make in designing your small bathroom, such as mirrors, exhaust fans, light fixtures and flooring. These can customize the look of your bathroom and make it your own. In the process of making an attractive bathroom design, you’ll find that everything, from your choice of bathroom vanity cabinet to your choice of bath mat, adds its own touch of elegance and beauty.