If you have difficulty sitting down or standing up from your bathroom toilet due to arthritis joint pain or recent surgery then why not consider buying an elevated toilet seat?

A lot of people have considered it. Some are doing it now. Most only toyed with the concept for a while, then got busy with other things. Some wouldn't try simply because they didn't understand how easy it is to install. Others got scared off and discouraged because they did not want their bathroom to look institutionalized or they were afraid of the potential cost.

Let's see now, are those reasons really valid?

Did they really look at the positive side of avoiding pain?

The reasons in favor of purchasing versus continuing suffering?

Maybe we should look into that.

There are five good reasons why anyone having difficulty using the toilet should consider buying an elevated toilet seat.

First, Reduces Strain On Joints.

Sure, I understand your objection that it does not hurt too bad now and you can still manage. Certainly that's a valid objection. However you ought to consider that as you age things will not get better.

Furthermore, consider that you don't need to add more strain to your joints. They will only wear out faster. With an elevated toilet seat, the knees, hips,and back have less pain.

Less pain sounds good doesn't it?

Second, Adds Stability.

The primary reason behind this is most models have armrests that you can use to gain balance when sitting down and to push up when standing up.

There are a lot of different armrest configurations so you should be able to find one that best suits your needs.

Third, Easy Installation And Maintenance.

And in addition to the above reasons, most models are easy to install and remove. Many have a hinged or clamping device to secure the seat to the toilet bowl. They only take a moment to install so if you want to leave it off till you need it so others can use the toilet that is easy to do. However, I have found that even folks without knee pain like to use the raised toilet seat so I leave it on. I just feels better.

Additionally, since it is so easy to remove, it is easy to take it off for cleaning as well!

Fourth, You Can Take It On Vacations

Did you know that some simple models can be removed and taken on vacations?

If you are staying in a hotel or just visiting family, it is great to have one with you. Most models have removable armrests and assembly is really easy.

Why suffer just because you are not at home?

And Fifth, Provides Increased Independence.

If you have a caregiver, you won't need to bother them to help you go to the bathroom. Requesting assistance getting up from a standard toilet can be a thing of the past once you buy your raised toilet seat.

Once you've had time to look over the reasons, and think about them, you'll find that a top notch case can be made in favor of buying an elevated toilet seat.

Think about it. Maybe if you are having difficulty using a standard height toilet you really should consider purchasing one soon.