Are you looking to do a quick bathroom fix or update? As most of us know, kitchens and bathrooms are a big deal when it comes to selling your house.

People seem to be able to deal with worn out carpets in rooms, and the paint color, but if the bathroom or kitchen it totally lacking or falling apart, that is usually the deal breaker. A bathroom update, could be a great investment.

These two rooms are the places that we hang out in, at the end of a hard day. If we can't have a decent bath or shower, and make ourselves a meal without issues, then our day is ruined! It is surprising what a bad mood you can end up in, just by stepping foot first thing in the morning into a substandard, or old and tired bathroom.

But even though we know this, where do we start? Especially for this space?

This mostly depends on your budget. If you are looking to sell your home, then it would be worth actually borrowing some money to update your bathroom and kitchen, you would get it back in the sale. But if you just want to freshen it up a bit, for you to enjoy, then there are lots of things you can do that won't break the bank.  Just a few tweaks can make a huge difference.

New Toilet

If your toilet has seen better days, check with your township offices, many municipalities and towns are offer rebates if you replace your old water sucking toilet with one of the newer water saving ones. I spent $99.00 on a new toilet and got $60.00 dollars back from the town!


Paint Your Vanity Base

Vanity Base

Your vanity. If it is in good condition, but a horrible color, or the hardware is so 70's! Then you can paint your cabinet and get new hardware. Just make sure it is clean, and then get yourself a decent primer (I use a brand called Zinsser) It will be easier to take the doors off. This will also be a good time to clean out under your sink. As you are sitting there are on the floor with your paint brush you will be eye level with the clutter under there. You might as well deal with it now!

Paint the Vanity Top with This Special Product

Giani(TM) Countertop Paint Kit, Sicilian Sand
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Vanity Top

If you can afford it, spring for a new vanity top. You can buy them separate, from the vanity, and if yours is a standard sized vanity, you can buy those one piece tops with the sink and counter as all one, they are quite often on sale. These are affordable, compared to buying the entire vanity cabinet and top. The price just seems to really jump once you star replacing the vanity portion.

Invest in a Modern Faucet


Get a decent faucet set for the sink. This alone makes a HUGE difference as it is shiny and gleaming. The same for the hardware in the tub. Maybe it is time to get that shower head you really want. These are easy to change. If you stick to simple designs, they are much cheaper.

Refinish Tub Yourself

Rust-Oleum 7860519 Tub And Tile Refinishing 2-Part Kit, White
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Clean or Refinish Tub

Give your tub a good scrub, and if your tub has seen better days, but you don't fancy ripping out the tiled walls yet, then consider getting the tub re-enameled. My mother did this 5 years ago, and it still looks great. This way there is no damage to the walls or tub surround. You can change the faucet and shower head and it will look totally new.

Cover Grout Stains

SamaN GM-120 Grout Stain Marker, Beige
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Grout - Brighten or Clean

If you have white grout, there is nothing that makes a bathroom look messy and grimy than stained or discolored grout. You can get these bleaching kits for the white grout at your local hardware store. They work quite well. If yours is colored and still in good shape then you may need to get a heavy duty grout cleaner and attack it with a stiff brush.


If you can't afford to replace the floor, you can get new mats for this bathroom fix, and new towels in a matching color and new shower curtain and your bathroom will look as good as new.

A bathroom fix, can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Many times just a good sorting out, and some new linens can make the room totally different. A coat of paint on the walls, and you are now styling! You could get away with a can of paint and a few new towels and get rid of clutter, and there is a new bathroom, that makes you feel good.

Clutter is actually a big problem in the bathroom. Many people leave their laundry in there, and towels on the floor, and tooth brushes and toothpaste all over the place.

Sometimes it seems the more surfaces there are in your bathroom, the more area to get cluttered up! A simple bathroom fix, can just be to keep it clear of clutter and provide spaces for things you need.

So, come up with a game plan for things like laundry, or dirty towels, or tooth brushes etc. If you supply a container for these, then there is a better chance of a clean bathroom when you go to use it! You can get cute little baskets from the dollar store for all the makeup items etc..

Trying to remodel a bathroom while you are living in the house can be a nightmare. If your bathroom fix, includes a total gut renovation, then your first chore, is to come up with an alternative place to go. No one wants to be trying to shower with a temporary curtain and construction debris everywhere, so set up another bathroom in the house. You may think this will only take a weekend, but these projects have a habit of going on for much longer, and if you can't use your shower or your hairbrush without running into construction debris, you are all going to be fighting!

You have to feel good yourself before you tackle these projects. Your basic needs have to be met, for you to be in a good mood. So, set up another toilet, and at least a shower elsewhere first, before you tackle your gut renovation in this bathroom fix. This way the bathroom being renovated can be totally pulled apart, not in stages (been there done that!) and the door can be closed on it at the end of the day, until you are done.