One of the most overlooked but common places for germs and bacteria to accumulate in your home is your own bathroom. Bathroom germs thrive and multiply from the hot moist environment they are provided in the bathroom and keeping these bathroom germs from spreading should be a priority. Just think of all the family members that go in and out of the bathroom along with outsiders. They carry viruses that are attributed to anything from the common cold to pneumonia. There are a number of preventive measures we can take to stop bathroom germs from spreading from person to person and having a clean environment for everyone to walk into.

Terrible Toilet

It is a given that your toilet would carry bathroom germs in mass amounts, but did you know that you can spread these germs through the air too. When you flush your toilet, make sure you put the lid down! The force of the flush sends bacteria and bathroom germs airborne, in which they can land on anything from your towel to your toothbrush in the holder 2 feet away from your toilet. You should clean your toilet weekly with cholorox and water to kill bacteria accumulating in your toilet.


When you put your toothbrush next to someone else's it you mind as well just put their toothbrush in your mouth too. Just because you are using toothpaste does not mean you are killing germs on your toothbrush too. Saliva and bacteria from your mouth is left on the brissles of a toothbrush. It is best to put it in a sealed container and away. Also, why would you keep your toothbrush out in the open next to your toilet? If you do, keep it as far from the toilet as possible to prevent nasty bathroom germs and bacteria from landing on your toothbrush which then goes in your mouth!

Shower Germ Power

Studies have shown a significant amount of bacteria lying in your shower head. Some of this bacteria can be inhaled also. It is best to run your shower for a few minutes to cleanse the bacteria out from the shower head. Bathroom germs also accumulate on your shower curtain from soap scum and mold. It is recommended to change your shower curtain every couple months or so. You can purchase shower curtains very cheap for just around 2 bucks from Wal-mart.