A complete bathroom remodel is typically an expensive project to take on, but there are ways you can redecorate a bathroom and make it look as if you’ve just remodeled. In terms of redecorating, the bathroom is one of the easier rooms in the house to give a whole new look to. Adding new wall colors and accessories changes the décor of the room and if you choose wisely, you will have your guests thinking you replaced the entire bathroom. If you are handy around the house, you can expand your project to replacing the fixtures also. If you are more of the creative type, you can work around some of the things you already have and make your bathroom beautiful. Any room that you decorate has to be a reflection of your style and personality – the bathroom is no exception. Have a little fun, get creative and redecorate your bathroom.

The Fixtures – Tub, Toilet and Sink

With lots of plumbing skills and a little money you can replace the fixtures, although this is not necessary.

Hit up some yard sales, flea markets and stores that sell reclaimed fixtures and other old items that are still in good condition.

If you aren’t shy – cruise some nicer neighborhoods on garbage day – you know the saying one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Truer words were never spoken. With a good amount chlorine bleach and elbow grease, the fixtures will be clean and germ free as new.

Ok so maybe you don’t have the skills or time necessary to replace the fixtures – paint them!

Painting Existing Fixtures

Refinish one or all of your fixtures.

Shut off the water supply to the bathroom at the main shut off valve. Flush the toilet to remove the water.

Sand the shiny glaze off the bathtub, sink and toilet with 100-grit sandpaper. Don’t sand the toilet seat because they are usually made of plastic.

Vacuum up all of the dust or wipe them down with a tack rag.

Wash the fixtures thoroughly with a grease fighting detergent, rinse well and dry completely.

Dip a lint free rag into an epoxy based bonding agent and spread it over the surface of the bathtub, toilet and sink. Let the bonding agent dry for five to ten minutes.

Dip a foam roller into an epoxy based paint primer and roll the primer onto the tub, sink or toilet making overlapping lines up and down the surface. Let the primer dry for one to two hours.

Dip the foam roller back into the primer and paint on a second coat, this time roll the primer side to side intersecting the first coat. Let the primer dry for one to two hours.

Roll a foam roller through epoxy paint – chose a fun or fabulous color – your bathroom your choice.

Apply the first coat of epoxy paint just as you applied the first coat of primer. Let the paint dry for two to three hours.

Roll on a second coat of paint moving the roller across the lines of the first coat. Let it dry for three to four hours. If the paint looks streaky or not solid enough apply a third coat and let it dry.

Roll on two to three coats of clear epoxy sealant over the dry paint, letting each coat dry for three to four hours in between coats.



Repair holes and cracks in the walls with drywall joint compound.

Choose a whole new wall color.

Choose a fun coordinating color and sponge the paint on here and there to make a random design on the wall.

Unroll strips of blue painter’s masking tape to make stripes on the wall. Roll a coat or two of paint over the walls and remove the tape – now you have stripes.

Cut out pictures from wallpaper and paste them on the wall.

If your walls have seen better days, texture the drywall.

Came across some great pieces of Teak at a reclaiming center, put a few dots of construction adhesive on the back and press them to the walls,  row by row.

Ugly tile color- paint it! Yes, you can paint tile.


Get a small remnant of carpet and cut it to fit around the fixtures. Usually remnants are very inexpensive.

Paint the floors to hide ugly tile or paint the grout lines to hide dingy grout.

Shower Curtain

Can’t find a shower curtain you love, use an old lace tablecloth, a regular window curtain or a turn a bed sheet into a shower curtain.

Hang a plastic shower curtain liner and a lace tablecloth to allow the liner’s color to show through the lace and give off a pretty feel.

Make holes every 4 to 6 inches along the top of a flat bed sheet and use shower curtain hooks along with a plastic lines to cover your shower and keep the water in the tub.

If you have walls with designs, choose a patterned shower curtain.

If your walls are plain, choose a bold shower curtain.

Go shop at a thrift store or flea market. Washing the shower curtain in a washing machine will kill any real or perceived germs.

Buy the new plastic liner at the dollar store.

Find shower curtain hooks at yard sales – mix and match.

Remember not everything has to be all matchy matchy for it to work.

Towel Racks

Clean up your old towel racks and see if they will shine again.

If not scrub them as clean as can be and apply two to three coats of stainless steel paint over metal towel racks.

Write down your towel rack measurement and scour second hand stores, yard sales, flea markets and maybe even Grannies attic – you know she throws nothing away.

If your towel racks are plastic, pick up a can or two of spray paint made specifically for plastics and change the color.


Pick up a set of hand towels, they don’t have to be the most expensive, they just have to look nice.

Drape the new towels over the towel racks.


Hit up those yard sales, friend and relatives, you never know what you will find.

Hang a shelf in the bathroom, nice and high up so no one bangs into it.

Collect pretty bottles, plastic figurines or whatever else catches your eye and display them in the bathroom, adds a little to a quirky personality.

Grab a new garbage can or paint a cheap plastic one a funky color with specially plastic gripping paint and stencil a design.