Bathroom lighting fixtures take a bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary, as long as it's done right! Doing it the right way is obviously subjective, but there are a few steps that you can follow to make sure that your bathroom is classy and doesn't look like it should be on the front of the Vegas strip.

The key with bathroom light fixtures is planning. If you have a vision for how things are going to turn out, rather than just "winging" it, you're going to be much more successful. You must first decide on a theme that the room is going to have - modern, contemporary, county, etc. - then start your design from there. Be careful though, if the rest of your home follows one theme, and your bathroom is a totally different one, it's going to feel like you left your house and ended up in someone else's.

A major part of your plan is going to be deciding if you're going to use the existing wiring or install new ones. This is obviously not a choice if you rent your home, but homeowners have the option of completely rewiring the entire bathroom if they choose to. The major benefit of rewiring is that lights can be installed anywhere. It's also not hard to do with some basic electrical and drywall skills, and hiring people for that isn't very expensive since it's fairly straightforward work.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixtures

The most common type of bathroom lighting fixtures are vanity lights. These are the lights that go directly above or around the mirror. Nearly all homes have wires already ran for vanity lights, so it could be as simple as replacing the fixture to install new lights. When installing vanity lights, be sure to pay attention to how bright the final outcome is going to be. It's very easy to get carried away with lights, and having the mirror directly around them will cause it to be even brighter. If the bathroom is going to receive normal use you'll want to steer away from fluorescent lights since they give the skin an unnatural yellow tint, and that would make makeup application very difficult!

Bronze Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Bronze bathroom light fixtures are the ultimate in class. They can make a bathroom feel like a Roman bath when installed. Their durability and heft make them a bit more expensive than other types of bathroom light fixtures, but the price is well worth it. If you're looking for bathroom lights with style and durability that will outlast you and your home, bronze is the way to go.

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

There are thousands of different styles of contemporary bathroom light fixtures on the market, but only a few will fit you and your home's style. When shopping for these light fixtures, bring some images with you that sum up the style you want for your bathroom and home. Use these to judge whether or not they're really going to fit like you like.

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