Designing a bathroom from scratch is great as you can get everything exactly where you want it from the start. If you have an existing bathroom, having it refitted can really improve it and make it more pleasant to be in. It will also improve the saleability of your house. A few tips about bathroom planning should help you on your way, whether you are starting with a blank canvas or remodelling an existing bathroom.

First of all, work out what you want to put into your bathroom. You will probably want to consider a shower, toilet, bath and basin but you may also want extras such as a bidet. Note that freestanding baths take up a lot of room, whereas a corner bath is a fabulous space saver. Wall-hung sinks take up less space than the pedestal alternatives so are another good choice for small bathrooms.

Consider what extras you will also want such as bathroom tiles, shelving, a seat, heated towel rail, medicine cabinet and laundry basket. Note that your floor tiles, if you choose to use them, should be suitable for walking on and not too smooth. Remember that you will need some sort of ventilation - this can either be windows that can be opened, or an extractor fan.

You should measure up and mark out on a scale plan where you existing connections are and where the windows and doors are and then decide what fittings and fixtures you want to go where. Make full size paper templates to put on the floor and wall in the places where you want the actual fittings and fixtures to go. Remember that you will need working space between objects for ease of movement and you will also need to consider which way the doors will open so that you don't get them opening into fittings. When you know where you want things, you can go about making any structural adjustments and moving any utility connections. If in doubt, consult an expert about your bathroom layout.

Remember before buying any bathroom suite to check what it looks like in the showroom and also check that you will be able to move each piece through the house OK before you get it to your home.

Taking time to plan bathroom layouts is a worthwhile activity as a well-planned room will be much nicer to be in and can provide you with a relaxing oasis in your home.

If you are looking at new bathroom layouts and accessories for your home, remember that new bathroom tiles or paint can quickly revamp your room.