Toilet Sensor Flusher: Cleaner Hygiene

There are many too choose from, though it is wise to seek one that EZ Bathroom No Touch Flushwill stand the usage in your home.  If you have quite a number of  members who will be using it, it's probably  best  to install in more than 1 bathroom.

Something you should consider,  as Auto Sensor Toilet Flushers are becoming common in many households.

Constant flushing is not a problem with most, but just being near some--can trigger a flush, from other models.  Batteries can last in standard systems, up to three (2-3 years) and up to 20,000 flushes. 

Convert your bathroom,  increase hygiene, save water and limit cleaning with Automatic Toilet Flushing.

Tired of touching the flush handle, of course you are,  as you could be spreading germs, coupled with the constant moving of the valve getting loose.  Kids love playing with the handle and flushing toilets, but with Auto Flush you won't have to worry about 'lil Bob and Cindy wearing out the handle.

An Automatic Flush System will add a nice upgrade to your bathroom, not only will the family enjoy  not having handle contact but the decor makes it look nice, just  like many hotels have. 

Transform your  manual flush toilet to a hands-free flusher, everyone in the home will be glad.

Automatic Toilet Flushing How It Works

Most automatic flushers use infrared sensor technology and are run by batteries to flush the toilet .  There AutoFlush Toilet Systemare mechanisms in place should the battery or sensor fail you, with these indicators, you  won't have to worry about the unflushed.

Many systems have a green light indicators that flashes 3 times when a user is detetectd.

Yellow light will flash when the batteries are low, so that you have time to change them, without the system not flushing.   The best part is that they eliminates cross-contamination from touching the handle and odors from unfinished flushings.  

Some systems do not require that you shut your water off, and you don't need a plumber, this alone gets a huge vote.

Whether you are upgrading or remodeling, change your old manual flush bathroom valves into a more modern no- touch fixtures and ensures that toilets are always flushed and presentable.

Your New Bathroom Upgrade

The Automatic Toilet Flusher System

Now that you have your new bathroom addition,  make sure you have extra batteries, for the "what ifs", and remember to keep cleansed by wiping the entire toilet with rubbing alcohol or your chosen disinfectant cleaner.

Check to see if your automatic Toilet Flush includes a manual Toilet Self- FlushingCredit: amazonoverride, in case you need to use the handle for whatever reason.

Got kids?  Make sure to show them the Auto Flusher first,  and let them use it without sitting on the toilet, so they can get used to the device.


  • Germ cross contamination reduced and touch-free technology
  • Convenience and a cleaner toilet

    If you have someone who is elder, disabled or handicapped the automatic  flushing system will be of great use to them.