Bathroom remodeling does not have to be a complicated or expensive affair. There are many bathroom remodeling projects you can take on that are easy and make a big impact on the way your bathroom looks. Here are just a few beginner tips that will help you make the most out of your bathroom renovation methods.

Renovating Your Bathroom Cabinetry
Because bathrooms tend to be small, compact spaces, the cabinets you have in them make a big difference in terms of the way they affect the overall aesthetic of the bathroom's design. Something as simple as refacing the drawer and door fronts of your bathroom cabinets can give the bathroom a brand new life and change its decorative aesthetic completely. A new set of pulls, handles, knobs and other decorative hardware can also add a ton of style, in a way that is both subtle and affecting.

Many homeowners are afraid of using color on the walls, thinking that it will limit the kind of decor and color schemes they can use in the furniture and fixtures. However, the advantages you get when you add some color to the walls far outweigh any limitations they might impose. Adding color to the walls makes a huge impact, and if you choose your color scheme well, the result can be a room that not only looks brand new, but also that stands out. In the case of your bathroom, since fixtures are usually white or silver, it's good to use light, bright colors, like blue or lime green. And try out some simple lining patterns or designs.

Getting new light fixtures in your bathroom is another remodeling job that can give you a huge payoff without too much hassle. The trick when choosing or installing new light fixtures in your bathroom is that you make sure they provide enough illumination from above and from the sides.

Add Tile to Your Walls
We're not saying that you should completely tile your walls. You can make a huge impact on your bathroom décor and add some style and elegance by installing just a few decorative tiles into your existing walls. Pick colors that match your towels and fixtures and place the tile design at eye level at the focal point of the wall.

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