There are many reasons for deciding to undertake a bathroom remodeling project which is not a decision that many people take lightly due to the potential complexities. Many people decide to remodel the bathroom on account of having additional users in the house, a requirement by public health regulations or simply to have a new up to date modern bathroom. There are a number of ways that bathrooms can be modified including changing the layout, adding mirrors or introducing new fixtures and fittings. Alternatively you can opt for completely remodeling the bathroom.

When deciding on an overall style it is possible to renovate to your own tastes or included other members of the household. There are many sources for design inspiration such as browsing through magazines, window shopping in stores or, one of my favorites, visiting show homes. Even if you are employing an interior designer it will work out cheaper if you go armed with ideas rather then let them start the design process from scratch.

The following is a useful list of points to consider when exploring bathroom remodeling ideas:

- The size of the bathtub is important and should be large enough to accommodate the largest member of the household.
- The floor must be durable enough to withstand traffic and also be resistant to water.
- Enough space should be reserved for an adequately sized mirror.
- The fixtures must complement the overall color scheme and design theme of the bathroom.
- If you are installing a shower or shower room there should be enough allocated space and also have proper drainage.
- There must be good illumination form the lighting system and ideally should be centered in the room.
- The toilet should be durable and again match the overall look and design.
- All electrical lines must meet building and legal requirements and must be well insulated. It is advisable to employ and electrician in this regard.
- Ventilation is important to reduce dampness and subsequent damage to surfaces and mold growth.

A lot of people want to know whether it is worthwhile employing the services of an interior designer. It would depend on your confidence in the design aspects of the project or whether you have any experience as a builder. It has often been my experience that any remodeling projects will benefit greatly from their input. Although the idea might, at first, appear costly it can actually work out to be quite a cost efficient choice. Fewer mistakes will be made and any potential problems can be anticipated on and resolved before any money is spent. Whilst talking costs, it is worth mentioning that whilst remodeling a bathroom will cost money, it is something that will last a long time, will reduce further maintenance costs and will often increase the value of your home.