Bathroom remodeling can easily get out of hand if you are not careful.

Before you even start your bathroom renovation, you need to spend some time on research. This may seem boring, but you could save thousands, just by getting yourself familiar with the latest and greatest bathroom products on the market right now.

First you have to ask yourself these three questions:

1. Is your bathroom layout good?

2. Is your intention to keep the layout and just upgrade the fixtures, lighting, storage etc.?

3. What is your bathroom renovation or remodeling budget?

If you answered YES to questions one and two, then you should be able to work out a decent budget to answer question 3.

One of the main reasons, a bathroom remodeling job or bathroom renovation can get out of hand, is because you did not have a budget in mind, and you walked into a bathroom showroom!

You know the bathroom showrooms I mean, the ones with the soaker tub, and the separate showers with six shower jets at all levels, heated floors, marble tiles and granite countertops!

If you don't have some idea of what you are planning to do with this bathroom renovation, then you could easily end up in some serious debt for a room you only see at most an hour a day!

If you are not sure what your decorating tastes are, then make a scrapbook. Find some magazines, and cut out bathroom layouts you like, or colors or walls you like, and start pasting them in this scrapbook, or onto a display board. Find paint color samples, and tile samples, and after you fill this board from many magazines, you will discover your style and color ideas. This is a great way to find out what your tastes are.

Once you have an idea of your colors and styles, then go to your bathroom, and start measuring. Then ask yourself some more questions.

1. Do you need to replace your tub? Is it damaged? Could you get it refinished and be happy with it?

2. What do you want to do around your tub? Tiles? One piece surround?

3. What about the flooring? Can it be saved? or does it need replacing?

Once you have taken a really good look at your bathroom, and decide what you will need to replace. Go to catalogues, online, or your local home center, and see what price tags you will need to attach to any of the changes you need or want to make.

Once you have an idea of price, work out EXACTLY what you are willing to spend, without breaking the bank. Keep in mind if you have to borrow money, there will be interest costs to calculate into your bathroom renovation budget.

If your money and the bathroom remodel you had in mind don't match, then take another look at your bathroom and see if there is something you can make work without replacing. Sometimes, you just have to get creative, and replace the most important items, and make the others work with it, to save some money.

1. Can you keep the vanity, and just replace the sink or countertop?

2. Can you re-grout your tiles if it is discolored, rather than retiling? (There are many great products out there now that clean grout or go over existing grout to brighten your tiles and bathroom, almost looking new!)

3. Could you update the wall with paint, and get a more updated light fixture?

It is amazing, what a change you can make in your bathroom, with simple changes, such as wall color, light fixtures, or a re-enameled tub.. (there are companies that do a good job of this)

You should try very hard to be completely familiar with your budget, then you are more likely to stick to it, when you are in those bathroom showrooms. Keep in mind some of those fancy fixtures will need to have new plumbing or extra power to the bathroom, which could require you to hire trades, which you will have to allow in your budget.

They don't always warn you about that part, in those fancy bathroom showrooms.