Bathroom renovations can range from changing a few linens and wall color to ripping the entire room apart.

But before you start shredding a room, have a plan and a bank balance, or your bathroom renovations will get away from you in no time. We are presently working on a house built in 1972. This bathroom was right out of the 70's with wall to wall wallpaper, patterned laminate vanity, and that lovely green bathtub and sink.

But we don't want to spend a lot of money, but at the same time, would like an updated bathroom. The one thing that I have discovered to be the most important, is research.

Research different ways to approach your bathroom renovations. There are products that can recolor a bathtub, or cover a bathtub, such as the "bath fitters", get some free quotes to get an idea of price. One of the reasons many people don't replace their bathtub unless doing a major renovation, is because you need to be able to get at the plumbing from the ceiling below. So, if you have a second floor bathroom, and you replace the tub, you need to get at the drains from the ceiling below, and possibly the copper water pipes from the next room. So, be prepared for drywall damage. If you know a good dry Waller, then plan to have one. Bathroom renovations, will spread out a bit from the bathroom.

In our case, we bought the house in "as is" condition, and there was already a hole in the living room ceiling from previous plumbing issues, and a hole in the closet next to the bathroom, that shows the copper piping. Therefore we thought we might as well rip out the bathtub, since it was in bad shape, and we already had access holes to deal with afterwards.

But be ready for some mess. Most houses have the bathtub installed at the same time as framing, so you are going to possibly have to cut it out, as we did. Make sure and wear a mask, as the tiles or tub surround may contain years of mold from damp.

The next thing you have to watch for, is your budget. Gone are the days of just ordering up a simple bathtub, there are "soaker tubs" or "whirlpool tubs" or many other designs that can cost you a pretty penny. Have your budget, your room sizes, and stand your ground. Some of these bathroom supply showrooms or hardware stores can try to push a sale. Especially since a plain white, but brand new good old American Standard bathtub, can be under $200.00 compared to the thousands you can spend on others.

If you are happy with a regular bathtub, then stick to the plan. As always with these bathroom renovations, the money tends to be in the labor more so than the products themselves.

We got our bathtub out, but it took two strong men, and some tools and many buckets full of drywall debris down the stairs to the dumpster. (remember what I said about mess?). To keep our budget in check, I plan on replacing the bathroom with the same layout. It was a good working layout, but was just very dated and old. The light fixture was tarnished brass, and whatever light bulbs they had laying around!

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this is a beautiful way to update a bathroom

But if you are doing some bathroom renovations, and you don't want to go that far, then try just changing a few things. It is amazing how different a bathroom can look, with a new light fixture, or a new mirror, or frame the mirror you have now.

New towels, and maybe update your towel racks and paint the walls. Flooring is a consideration. Tiles can be a good investment. Or there are some water resistant laminates out there that look like tiles. Or peel and stick for a quick updated look.

If you are on town water, changing the toilet to a new one, that uses less water, will sometimes get you a credit from your town. Check this out with your local municipal office. As everyone gets onto the "green" ideas, water saving toilets can save a lot of water in a community.

Check online for any credits you may be entitled to for saving water. You can get water saving shower heads now as well, that you hardly notice the difference in the shower, but could save you big on your water bill.

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If you are watching your money, but you just can't stand that purple vanity, then clean it, and prime it with a good primer, such as zinsser, and then paint it and add some new hardware.

If storage is a problem, then add a shelving unit over the toilet. This is especially good if you are renting, or don't want to do any major bathroom renovations just yet, but just need a "stop gap measure" for storing things.

Baskets work well for dealing with all those little things, such as cosmetics, jewelry etc. Come up with a system for storage and your bathroom will look much cleaner and will make you feel better. It doesn't always take much to change a bathroom.

You can spend a few dollars, or thousands easily. You have to decide just how much time you plan on spending in there! If you have renovations to do in the rest of your house, then just be careful with bathroom renovations, they can easily climb, once you get into those bathroom showrooms.

This is a very vulnerable time. Your bathroom maybe in pieces or shredded, like mine, and then you see that stunning bathroom in the showroom at the Rona store, and you think "I want that!". Next thing you know, you have spent a few thousand dollars, and now you have to find someone who can install all these gadgets. Do you even have enough power running to your bathroom, to run the pump on that whirlpool tub? Now you are going to need an electrician.. now if you planned for all of that, then power to you, but if not... YIKES!

Even bathroom scales, have gone "upscale" as a bathroom decoration, rather than that ratty one you have sitting in the corner. I saw a bathroom floor scale with all the digital accessories you would need to weigh yourself half asleep in the morning that cost $450.00 bucks!

With bathroom renovations, make your budget, make your design, and buy what you need and you can have a stunning bathroom, and still own a bank account.