Bathroom Shower Rods

Your bathroom is your private haven when you want some alone time after a long, hard day of work or study. Everyone loves a good bath, as they help you unwind as the day closes, and lets you kick off your day the right way in the morning, and what better way to spice up your shower time but by adding bathroom shower rods to the decor?

Types of bathroom shower rods

Different rods have different advantages while holding up the shower curtain. While there are a lot of options for you to choose from, most people would settle for plain straight fixed or tension type bathroom shower rods. You should check out all types of bathroom shower rods that are available and think about using a different one in your own bathroom.

When using curved bathroom shower rods in your shower, they make your bathroom look like it's more spacious. As implied by its name, it curves to hold the curtain to the edge of the bathtub or shower while the actual curtain and liner can still be drawn back inside the tub to keep water from leaking on to the floor. Curved bathroom shower rods also creates a softer fluidity to the closed curtain's line, making your curtain look unique as it hangs on your bathroom shower rod. Curved bathroom shower rods can be found either as spring tension rods or with brackets and additional accessories for simple installation.

The next type of bathroom shower rods is the hookless model. While this type works well only with hookless shower curtains, using hookless shower rods will save you time and effort, as they allow you to go without those annoying shower curtain rings. Hookless shower rods are especially designed for the purpose of letting the curtains snap into them. And replacement of shower curtains is a lot easier with this kind of bathroom shower rod, as you don't have to remove any curtain rings. Installation of hookless shower rods will require brackets.

If you really want to save space in your shower, double rods are just the thing for you. Double rods, apart from enclosing you within your shower or bathtub by closing the curtain, also provide you space to hang your towel. This way, you won't have to grope blindly outside your curtain to get your towel, as you can hang it on the spare rod and easily access it when you're done bathing.

Tips in choosing bathroom shower rods

While choosing the best among bathroom shower rods, you should first consider where you want to have it installed, and if it is to be transferred. If you want a permanent bathroom shower rod and if you are not really worried about driving holes in your bathroom walls or tiles, then bathroom shower rods with mounting brackets and screws are safe choices for you.

On the other hand, if you're not too sure about keeping the same bathroom shower rods, if you like regular changing or if you live in a rented place like apartments or flats, you can always get yourself removable shower rods, since they are very easy to install or take off. This is because they do not need any screws and brackets. After all, they are supposed to be temporary. Removable bathroom shower rods are built similarly to the tension pole shower caddy, as to install it, you need only to put the rod in place and ratchet it to fasten it between your shower walls.

If you don't have a lot of space, you can go for curved bathroom shower rods. Most of the time, they take up less space than straight bathroom shower rods.

You should also consider the shower curtains you want to use, and if your selected bathroom shower rods compliment the designs of these curtains. Shower curtains make up most of the decor in your bathroom and add a lot to the general look and atmosphere. Also make sure to change curtains and clean them every now and then.

Where can I buy bathroom shower rods?

You can find a lot of bathroom shower rods at home decor or hardware stores. Online, you may also order bathroom shower rods at certain web sites. Bathroom shower rods of many types and designs are sold at prices that range from about $30 to $70.

Bathroom shower rods can provide you the space and privacy you need while taking a bath or a shower, and at the same time serve as the bathroom's central decoration. So if you either are in need of a good place to hang your exquisite shower curtain, go for bathroom shower rods.