You probably think that such things as bathroom shower tile installation should be left in the hands of professionals because there is no way that you can pull it off on your own. Be glad that you are wrong because there is help right here. There is a good chance that you will save a lot of money installing the tiles yourself.

Things You Will Need

You will need a complete set of materials for the bathroom shower tile installation and a little bit of gutsy self confidence. Below is the list of materials that you would need for the job. Make sure that you have all of them within reach before you even start the project in order to facilitate the work flow:

Ceramic tiles- By this time you should have already deicide what design you want to go with, otherwise you might be wasting time and materials if you start installing something you are not certain you are going to like. Cement Board/Green Drywall, Galvanized Cement Board Screws, Fibre Glass Tape- Go for the kind that will hold well. Level, Level checker, Charcoal pencil, Adhesive for the tiles, Notched Trowel, Tile Cutter- You do not have to buy this one since you can rent it. Tile Nippers, Grout, Rubber Float, Sponges, Buckets of clean water, Utility Knife- Has to be very sharp so be careful. Silicon caulk.

Step 1

Now you are prepared to do the leveling. Do not install anything unless you are certain that the floor and walls are levelled or else you'll have a huge disaster on your hands!

Step 2

Remove any moisture or precipitation to make sure that the tiles will hold and not break easily. You don't want any mositure there at all.

Step 3

Dry fit the tiles. This is like a dry run for the real thing, so do not put any adhesives just yet.

Step 4

Put adhesive on the area of the shower you want the tile to go on and not the tile itself. This is a common mistake that amateurs make so take note because it is very important in keeping the structural integrity of the floor and walls.

Step 5

Apply finishing touches to your tile shower designs and leave the area to facilitate drying. Do not apply any heat to speed up drying. Now you are done with your very first bathroom shower tile installation. Not exactly a walk in the park but it is totally worth it when your bathroom shower tile ideas have come to life.

Tips & Warnings