If you are refitting a public bathroom, put some thought and money into the stall design. It does pay off in the long run. Bathroom stalls in any public washroom need to be designed according to the Three Privacies Principles.

Public washrooms, whether for employees or guests are expensive places. They are expensive to fit out or to refit and expensive to maintain, with constant cleaning and the replacement of damaged fittings.

In any commercial enterprise any investment must bring in a return. Look on refitting your washroom as an investment.

How Can Fitting New Bathroom Stalls Bring Any Return?

Reduced Bathroom Maintenance Costs

Look at the maintenance bills for each bathroom over the past 10 years. Calculate the cleaning cost of each bathroom on the basis that it takes a cleaner 15 minutes to clean the bathroom and that it must be done every hour. Include all your employee costs when calculating the cost of cleaning. These calculations will give you your current maintenance costs.

Give your cleaners a list of things they would like included in any bathroom refit. Ask them to prioritize the list. They will probably put the most time-consuming tasks at the top of their lists. Spending money on reducing these time-consuming tasks is always worthwhile.

If you can reduce the bathroom cleaning time from 15 minutes to 12 minutes you cut your cleaning bill by 20%, so improvements like sensor faucets and new hand dryers literally pay for themselves.

Bathroom stall design has a major impact on cleaning time. If employees see that they are treated with respect, with thoughtfully designed bathrooms, they will treat the facilities with more care. Less mess means less clean-up time that you have to pay for.

If people are happier in your new bathroom stalls then they are less likely to deface or damage them. Less damage means fewer expensive plumber call-outs to pay for and less water damage to make good.

Happier Customers

Happy customers come back. Everything you can do to make your customers happier will increase your returning customer rate. People pay a great deal of attention to bathroom stall design and the degree of privacy offered when they make an overall judgement of a restaurant or hotel.

Happier Employees

Happy employees work harder. Research has shown that office plants increase office workers' efficiency. Improved bathroom stall design can be expected to do the same.

If employees are happier to use your bathrooms and your new stalls, then they will eat and drink at appropriate intervals, preventing dehydration, constipation and low blood sugar levels, all of which contribute to lower efficiency

What Are My New Bathroom Stall Options?

Low cost high maintenance bathroom stalls Vs High cost lower maintenance ones is your basic decision.

Cheap plastic covered chipboard partitions and doors that finish nine inches off the floor, inspire zero respect from users, so will be heavily defaced and vandalized, increasing your maintenance costs.

Expensive brick-built partitions that go from floor to ceiling, with solid doors will be less defaced and damaged because users are happier.

Survey Your Bathroom Users

Install survey machines in a bathroom before a future makeover is common knowledge. Ask questions about cleanliness, satisfaction, feel-good factor, etc.

Ask employees what they would like to see in any washroom refit. People are always happy to be consulted on something that affects them so intimately.

What are the 3 Privacies Principles for Bathroom Stall Design?

Visual Privacy

Visual privacy is the only privacy offered in most public bathrooms. Even the cheapest bathroom stall design prevents others seeing what the user is doing. Gaps underneath partitions and doors are not desirable, in that they reduce the visual privacy that the user feels.

For maximum visual you should install floor to ceiling partitions and doors on your new bathroom stalls

Auditory Privacy

Not all partitions are created equal. Chipboard doors and partitions do little to prevent others hearing what the user is doing. Installing a music system will help, but more substantial doors and partitions are the best answer.

Double skin, plasterboard walls with glass fibre between the two sheets of plasterboard is a good compromise between cost and perfection. Solid wood, well fitting doors are necessary to all cubicles to reassure the user that others cannot hear what he or she is doing.

Solid walls are better, giving good soundproofing as well as being vandal resistant and giving a much better feel-good factor to users.

Olfactory Privacy

Most people would prefer it if any unpleasant smells produced by their bodily functions could be kept inside the bathroom stall. This can only happen if doors and partitions are floor to ceiling height. Extractor fans also need to be installed in each cubicle; possibly linked to the cubicle door being locked to reduce running costs.

The fans need to be powerful enough to remove most unpleasant gases before the user exits the stall. Fans would also increase auditory privacy.

Extra Considerations in Hotel and Restaurant Bathrooms

Users need to be able to assess rapidly that they have the three privacy requirements they desire in their time of need. Use high quality fittings throughout to lend an air of solidity. Solidity equates to auditory privacy to most people. Tile the solid walls of your new bathroom stalls. Tiles are easily cleaned and are vandal resistant as well as giving an air of quality.

Install a low volume music system that customers are aware of as soon as they enter the washroom. They will then know that their bodily functions will not be overheard.

Be particularly strict with cleanliness requirements where guests are concerned. A clean bathroom equates to a hygienic kitchen, which reassures guests. Reduce maintenance costs by fitting sensor taps, sensor soap dispensers and rapid hand dryers.

Female washrooms should have sanitary towel disposal units inside each cubicle and facilities for adjusting makeup and dress. Female guests always appreciate large and full-length mirrors. You will also need seating in front of the low level mirrors to allow guests to adjust their make-up.