There are so many things we need to do in the bathroom besides the basic necessities that bathroom storage becomes a major issue in our ability to function. Fortunately there are also many great solutions to the problem. There are many unused areas of the bathroom that offer storage opportunities, and thousands of products and systems from which to choose. The cost of reclaiming our bathroom space is relatively low because of the small size of the room, so there's no reason not to tackle this rewarding project.

The first place to look for added room and organization is under the sink itself. The bathroom storage cabinet underneath can be roomy and well organized by looking for a unit that has adequate space, room for shelves and lots of drawers. The under-vanity cabinet can have a large compartment to store towels, replacement toilet tissue, boxes of daily supplies and other bulky items. Drawers, both shallow and deep, can hold all manner of personal care equipment and toiletries. Anything that can go in a cabinet or drawer should; a sleek and uncluttered vanity top is efficient, elegant and attractive. A beautiful vanity can make the beginning of your day soothing and you'll be proud to have visitors when your bathroom is beautiful.

Another place to achieve organization is a bathroom storage cabinet over the toilet. These are available in built-ins and freestanding models. Since this area is otherwise unused, it's that much space gained for no added floor space. These can be custom-built to your specs or bought ready-made in home improvement stores. Finished or unfinished, they're the perfect solution to the problem of inadequate storage.

Most bathrooms have a spare wall that will accommodate free-standing bathroom storage furniture. Designs are unlimited, from the very basic to ornate. The benefit is the portability of these units, you can move them at will depending on the traffic-flow through the room. These are ideal for storing towels, other linens, lesser-used bulky equipment such as humidifiers, hair dryers, foot massagers, etc.. Short pieces are better if you need a surface on which to place a mirror or convenient items; tall ones for maximum storage benefits.

Behind the door is another under-utilized area. Why hang just one hook or towel bar when the entire back of the door can be used? Narrow shelves can provide lots of storage, most items that need to be stored are small but numerous. Below shelves can go several towel bars or multiple hooks for clothing.

Don't overlook the potential for storage on the walls themselves. Vertical storage is easy and frees up floor space, a precious commodity in most bathrooms. Shelves or cabinets at head-height and higher provide lots of storage with no inconvenience.

Bathroom storage offers so many opportunities to make your everyday routine more serene and efficient. It should be your first endeavor in home improvement projects; the benefits are immediately visible and rewarding.