So, you want to do a remodeling project on your small bathroom without having to do an expensive total expansion project. Here are some bathroom tile design ideas that will work even if you have the tiniest of bathrooms.

What Type of Tile should you Choose?

Tiles come in all shapes and are made up of several materials. I chose ceramic tiles for my small bathroom but ceramic tiles are also the most expensive. Glass tiles are the latest trendy picks because of their look and sturdiness . Mosaic tiles can give the bathroom a flair and are dampness resistant. A Quarry tile is good because of price and is often left unglazed. The problem with them is that they aren't super resistant to moisture (although they do look nice).

Choosing the right bathroom tile for your home is probably one of the hardest decisions that you can make. After all, you have to choose the color, the size and the shape of the bathroom tile and with so many options, this can become a daunting task when you are considering remodeling. Not only that, you have to decide how much ceramic tile you will choose for your bathroom. Are you going to completely cover the entire bathroom or just do half? How much do you intend to spend?

First Issue- Bathroom Ceramic Tile Coverage

One of the biggest factors that come into play when choosing a bathroom tile design is how much of a budget you have allocated to the project. Bluntly speaking, ceramic tile can get very pricey very quickly and if your budget is low, you may want to consider limiting the coverage area. The good news is that if you are patient and really shop around, you will find ceramic tiles that look very similar to the more expensive counter parts.

If you can take your time and find a good deal on tiles, then you should be able to tile your bathroom completely without it costing you a small fortune and ruining an otherwise good budget.

Second Issue- A Ceramic Tile Design for Small Bathrooms

Here is another issue that most homeowners will have to tackle if they want to do a redesign; a small bathroom. Let's face it. Unless we have a master bath, most of us have a small cramped space that we call our bathroom. If you choose the wrong types of tiles your design could make your small bathroom look even smaller. The idea is to find a tile that gives a "light" feel to the bathroom. Lightly colored tile will make the room look bigger (because the ceramic tile will reflect light), as will a lot of light and mirrors.

A Mosaic Tile Design?

You can choose a light, plain tile design that will make the room look airy and light but the better option is to give your bathroom a little character by choosing a mosaic ceramic tile in bright and light colored pastel colors. This will give your bathroom a little "funk" and flair and all the while make it look bigger since the lightly colored flooring will also reflect the available light very well.

Bathroom Shower Tile Design?

While you may think that adding different colored or themed tiles to your bathroom or shower, I advise against it. A bathroom that is congruent with the same theme is good for continuity and will give your bathroom the look that it is seemless from beginning to end. You don't necessarily have to use the same "theme" but it is good to use the same color scheme when adding tiles to your shower.

There you have it. Here are just a few ideas for a bathroom tile design of a small bathroom. A small bathroom remodeling can be harder than a bigger bathroom because in the end, you have the problem of making your very small looking bathroom bigger. Have fun with it!

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