The bathroom allows you to be creative when you are redoing it or just adding something new. You can go completely different with even stripping the walls or you can replace the bath, add a shower, change the tiles, install new taps, blinds or windows or add a bathroom vanity unit. You have so many options; you can change literally everything in the bathroom if that is what you want to do. Just be prepared for a lot of work. You can have a classic style, antique, modern or even a color theme. What you do with the bathroom is up to you, as long as you have a bathroom vanity unit.

With a bathroom vanity you have your sink on top and space around that. The space on top might not be much, but it will be enough to hold a few toiletries and facecloths, but there will also be cupboards and or draws beneath the sink. Here you will be able to store bath towels and extra toiletries, or whatever else you think should be kept here. The vanity units can be different in size and some will have more storage space than others, but they are all lovely looking and there is one out there to suit your bathroom, no matter the style or size.

There are many different kinds of bathroom vanity units available to suit you, even if you are one of the more difficult homeowners that don't just choose any furniture to feature in their homes. Some of the different types you might be interested in are the corner types, plain bathroom units, antique units, double sink units, wood units, glass units and more. Every one of the different types each have their own specific advantages that you will have to consider when you are choosing one to be installed at your home. You should think about your decision as you will probably have more than a handful of your favorite choices in the end.

Should you choose to have a modern bathroom vanity unit, the main benefit would be that the design of these let you redecorate the bathroom in many different ways. Modern units are often designed with a sleek look and this is wonderful as it allows you to put other furniture in the bathroom and it would match perfectly. Antique units on the other hand are more difficult to match other furniture with as it is not something that you will always find. Antique is popular, but when it comes to this type of furniture there are many different ways one piece can be designed, therefore two pieces are not always the same.

If you have more people than just you and your partner in the house- if you have children or other people living with you- then you might want to consider getting a double vanity cabinet installed. This will give you more space to store items, but it will also give you more sink space. Two people can be busy at the same time if need be. Even if you have two bathrooms in your house, you can put two single vanities in each bathroom, but it is nice to have a double one even if it is just you and your partner that use the bathroom.