Kitchen cabinets look better after refacing

Many homeowners will embark upon at least one home improvement project to make their home more conducive to the needs and desires of the owner, and to increase the potential resale value and potential of the structure. When it comes to choosing among the many improvement options that are available, realtors agree that the best way to spend money on a home remodel is to redo the kitchen and bathrooms. These rooms are the selling points for many people when they are in the market for a home, and those who update them will usually recoup one hundred percent of the remodeling cost or more.

Of course, cabinets are one of the major elements in both the kitchen and the bathroom, and changing these is essential to any major upgrade of these rooms. Homeowners who want to change their cabinets have basically two options. Either they can rip out the old cabinets entirely and replace them with new ones, or they can reface the cabinet doors and sides. Refacing results in a real cosmetic change for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and it is an option that should always be considered. Here are some reasons why homeowners might want to consider bathroom and kitchen cabinet refacing instead of cabinet replacement.


Anyone that has ever priced brand new cabinets knows that removing old cabinets and replacing them with new ones can be extraordinarily expensive and cost well into the thousands of dollars. The actual bathroom or kitchen cabinet refacing cost, however, is much lower, up to two-thirds less than it would cost to put in new cabinets. This is because only the cabinet veneer is replaced during a cabinet refacing whereas whole cabinets have to be constructed if new ones are installed. Some people are hesitant to pursue bathroom or kitchen cabinet refacing because they think the lower price and replacement of only the veneer will result in less than impressive results with the remodel. That fear is basically unfounded, however, for a quality bathroom or kitchen cabinet refacing makes the cabinets look brand new without the high price associated with new cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing Versus Staining/Painting

Refacing cabinet doors and sides is not the only alternative to the installation of brand new cabinets, for it is also possible to paint or stain existing cabinets a different color. While this process can be less expensive than bathroom or kitchen cabinet refacing, it should be noted that painting and staining cabinets takes a lengthy amount of time. Especially if the homeowner has a busy schedule, stripping old paint and stain, sanding the cabinets, priming the cabinets, applying enough coats of the paint or stain, and then waiting for the cabinets to dry can take days, possibly even weeks. Bathroom and kitchen cabinet refacing can take place in a shorter amount of time because it simply requires pulling the old veneer off and replacing it with one that has already been colored and prepped according to the homeowner's specifications.

When it comes to choosing between repainting/restaining cabinets and bathroom or Kitchen cabinet refacing, cost may be a deciding factor for many people, leading them to try and save money through repainting or restaining. Yet it should be noted that it may be more costly in the long run if repainting or restaining is chosen in lieu of refacing cabinet doors and sides. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets can only be sanded so far, and those who do not do the job properly may sand too much and weaken the outside of the cabinets. This can lead to a need to replace the cabinet again soon, driving up the final costs of the remodel. In any case, repeated sandings will make the cabinet less durable and less trustworthy as a storage system for cans, plates, and more.

It is also important to understand that the sanding, painting, staining and so forth that is required when homeowners do not choose bathroom/kitchen cabinet refacing or new cabinets can cause a great deal of mess in a kitchen or bathroom. Sawdust, paint and stain spills, and more often result when homeowners choose only to paint their cabinets, but the mess is not so great when cabinets are refaced because there is usually little sanding, painting, and staining involved. This is a tremendous advantage, especially if there are kids or pets in the house that might track through the mess and spread it all over the home.


Bathroom and kitchen cabinet refacing may not be the best choice for every homeowner, but it is an option that should always be considered in a remodeling project that involves either of these rooms. The cost savings and advantages of bathroom and kitchen cabinet refacing are far too great to ignore, so make sure that a refacing is always given serious consideration when it is time to remodel the home.