Of the many ways to make your bathroom a home spa, the best way has to be with heated bathroom floors. No one likes the feeling of steeping on cold tiles when stepping out a hot shower. When stepping out a hot shower onto cold tile in the winter it can be really uncomfortable. Heated floors have money benefits. They provide a spa experience and they also save you money on your heating bill.

Your body receives heat through your feet and the heat leaves through your head. On Heated floors will come in handy those cold winter days when you want to turn your heat up to keep warm. When you walk on warm floors your body temperature will rise. This will make you want to leave your heat down since you will be already warm. What could you do with all the money that you could save on your heating bill? You could take that nice vacation that you have always wanted to take with the money that you will save on your heating bill.

Installing heating floors will make you money when you decide to move. Usually only the most luxurious homes have heated floors. You can raise your home value by thousands by installing heated floors. When installed properly and carefully cared for. Heated floors can last 25 years or more without needed to be upgraded.

This alone makes this bathroom remodeling tip my favorite of all. If you think warm floors would just feel great, you are right, but you will be also be pleased to know there are several other reasons why heating your bathroom floor is one of the best bathroom ideas that can be had.

So much can you expect to pay for heated floors? You can expect to pay $700 to install heated floors in your bathroom. This is good price considering that you are transforming your bathroom into me spa. Close your eyes and picture a bathtub with rose petals, your favorite scented candles, big fluffy bath towels and warm floors for your wet feet to step on for the complete spa experience. Now doesn't that sound like a great way to get ready for bed as you step away from the stress of the day?

Now that you have decided that you want heated floors in your bathroom you must decide which type of heated floor system that you want. Electric radiant floors work by heating wires in the floor. The wires transfer heat to the floor boards to keep the floor warm. If you are going to use these floors it is best that you use stone material for your floors. You want to use a material that will hold heat for long periods of time. The longer your floors stay heated the less you will have to run the heat to keep your floors warm. This will save you money on your electric bill.

If you want to leave the heated floors on so that your bathroom will always have the spa experience then you may want to buy hydronic radiant floors. These floors work by water being heated by pipes underneath the floor boards. This type of heating system will save you more money on your electric bill.

Heated floors will allows you to have the day spa experience without the day spa experience price. This will make your days better. The perfect home spa with heated bath floors is the perfect solution for transforming any bathroom into a home spa. Start looking today for the best deals on heated floors so that you can start your home spa retreat.