Bathrooms can sometimes be some of the smallest rooms of a house or condominium unit. Sometimes the floor area of a bathroom is just barely large enough to have a sink, a toilet and shower installed. If those are the only bathroom facilities that a person needs, then all's well and good. But sometimes, taking shower after shower everyday can leave a person wondering what it might be like to actually have access to a bathtub, so that he or she can enjoy a long, slow soak at the end of a particularly stressful day. Or if what was installed in the bathroom was a tub instead of a shower stall, then maybe the person might end up thinking about just how much more practical it might be to simply be able to jump in, shower, and jump out of a shower stall every morning. For properties where space is at a premium, it may very well not be possible at all to have both a shower and a tub in the room. And it is in situations like these where shower tub combos can be very useful.

They come in different shapes, sizes and designs, but the basic idea here is that the floor of the tub is also made use of as the floor of the shower, so that a person can simply lie down in the tub after filling it with water, and enjoy a luxurious soak, or instead stand on the floor of the tub, and have the shower head spray water onto that person, allowing him or her to take a quick bath. The fact that a person can enjoy these two facilities in one installed area makes these combos such a space saver. They allow even people living in places with smaller bathrooms to enjoy the best of both worlds. So when a person gets up in the morning, or when a person gets home at the end of the day, the person isn't stuck with just one option. Instead, if the person wants to just quickly rinse of the grime and proceed to do something else, then that person can have a quick shower and be done with it. And if the person wants to relax a bit more while lying mostly submerged in warm water, and maybe read a book or listen to music while doing so, then that becomes very possible as well. Bathtub shower combos offer this flexibility in a space saving form factor.