The first 3 releases

Asylum, City, and Origins

The Batman Arkham game series first began in 2009 when Batman Arkham Asylum was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. This third person action adventure game was developed by Rocksteady and immediately took to popularity. Perhaps one of the reasons it’s so liked is because of the large variety it has to offer. During combat, players have the option to use high hit combos, special takedown moves and gadgets to defeat Batman’s enemies. Additionally gameplay offers the player such things as roaming the map by foot or gliding, unlocking hidden map trophies, unlocking character trophy art, high score challenges, and best time challenges. The large amount of variety offered results in each gaming session feeling different from the other and adds to the excitement of the game.

After Arkham Asylum's success, it was no surprise when the sequel Arkham City came out in 2011. By offering an even higher variety of combat moves, gliding capabilities, gadgets and a larger map, the developers played off of the already successful traits of the first game to make another hit. But perhaps the most intriguing offer of Arkham City was the ability to play as other characters such as Catwoman and Robin, who included their own variety of combat moves as well.

Following Arkham City was Arkham Origins in 2013. Interestingly enough, this game was not developed by Rocksteady like the prequels. Perhaps this is the reason why the game suffered from negative reviews. Warner Bros. was the developer of Arkham Origins and provided little change to the game. The setting takes place during the time of Batman’s younger years, but the character itself doesn’t seem any different to the control of the player. With only little additions to the map size, gadgets and combat moves, the gameplay seemed to lack originality. And while it was not a complete failure, it was not given the same rave reviews as its prequels.

A look at what's coming

Batman Arkham Knight

Fans look to the horizon as the fourth game of the series approaches. Batman Arkham Knight is rumored to release in October of 2014 according to video game news examiner Shui Ta[1]. With Rocksteady behind development again, this fourth and final sequel promises much to offer! The game is being developed for all the new console systems such as Xbox one, and PlayStation 4, which means unlimited possibilities when it comes to gaming technology. The epic release trailer begins with a heroic monologue from Bruce Wayne’s father, meanwhile Bruce gears up for a dark knight. While the monologue echoes in the batcave, stunning visuals of the new batsuit and most importantly, the new batmobile, are revealed. The scene cuts to the batmobile protruding from a lake (perhaps the new batcave), displaying shear power as it heads out on its mission. The trailer continues with Batman taking on a mob of villains with the aid of the batmobile. It appears that this will be the first of the series in which the player will actually get to control a vehicle, and an awesome one at that! With immaculate graphics, the introduction of a vehicle, new settings, and top of the line technology, this game screams new, new, new! If Rocksteady delivers like they have in the past, there’s no doubt this game is going to be on the list of the top games of 2014.