Batman and The Incredible Hulk are two heroes who have been around for an extensive amount of time. People young and old have watched these heroes engage in a number of battles, conquering and destroying evil. Some wonder what will happen if these guys engage in a fight, like who has the best capabilities and who will win. Some believe that The Hulk will win easily due to his abilities that put him at a great advantage over his enemies. Others feel that Batman will come out on top because he has abilities that The Hulk and others do not have. To see the picture more clearly and to best determine the winner, let's compare the two heroes.

The Hulk

The Incredible Hulk has a number of things that make it seem as though winning will be in his favor. He has immense strength, so immense that he can crush bricks and metal. If he wants to, he can even pick up a truck and throw it. He also has tough skin that will protect him in the same way that a suit of armor will. Enemies who want to fight with guns and knives will lose miserably. The Hulk is also large in stature, something that also puts him at an advantage over his enemies. Finally, he has the power to heal himself and regenerate any of his body parts that have been detached. Healing and regenerating come handy for The Hulk when he is injured, not allowing his enemies to overpower him.


Batman is not as strong as The Hulk. The strength of Batman is that of an ordinary man. Batman also does not have the ability to heal himself, nor does he have the tough skin that acts like a suit of armor. He has some things that The Hulk does not have, however, and these are cool gadgets and super intelligence. A couple of the gadgets that Batman has that will enable him to defeat his enemies are the bat suit and the gas. His intelligence enables him to be an expert strategist, something that he uses quite frequently to defeat the villains he has fought. Bat-man will analyze his enemies from afar and plan ahead as to how he will defeat them. Some believe that Batman's intelligence is his greatest defense.

On the surface, everyone thinks that the Hulk will win. After all, The Hulk can wipe Batman out by throwing a car on him and crushing him with little effort. When looking deeper, the picture is different. Using intelligence, great detective can analyze The Hulk and see where all of his weaknesses are, and then he can exploit the weaknesses of The Hulk when he is good and ready. Of course, Bat-man will have to be careful about how he attacks The Hulk because if The Hulk catches even a glimpse of Batman, Batman will be a goner. Batman can also use his gadgets as part of his strategy, like using the gas to make The Hulk pass out. When we consider all of this, Batman is the winner.