Many people, when renovating, or redecorating their house, will tend to forget about the "essential services" until it is too late. Especially when it comes to renovating the basement. You can spend thousands on a great basement, only to lose it all if you don't have a battery backup sump pump.

If you live in a house, that requires one, and it quietly runs somewhere in the utility room, and you just never really pay attention to it, then maybe that should be your first investment, before you start pouring over magazines and looking for contractors to finish your basement.


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If yours runs on a regular basis, then your need for a battery backup system should be a priority on the top of your list. I know this can be a blow to your renovating budget, and it is not pretty to look at, but this investment can save you thousands in damage.

So, the first thing you need to do, is monitor your sump and see just how much water it is pumping out from under and around your basement. This will help you decided just how powerful your system needs to be. Just vision what would happen if the hydro went out for a few hours, just where that water would go.

Just to give you an idea, here is my story:

 We had a small house, with basement that we didn't finish but we used for storage. It was a full basement in the ground with tiny windows. We went away for a weekend. Didn't think we would need anyone to check on it for 2 days, I mean what could happen? The power went out within a couple of hours of us leaving, and the sump that I never even thought about, obviously stopped working. By the time we got back the power had been out for 24 hours, and this was the end of March. I noticed our house was cold when we first walked in with the kids, and the furnace should have been running.

Hubby was just about to go and check on it in the basement when we literally heard waves in the basement, and as he turned the light on, we felt sick, we saw a cardboard box float by. There was over a foot and a half of water in the basement. It had engulfed the furnace and it stopped along with the water heater, not to mention the countless boxes of things we had to throw out.

A long story short, even though our basement was not a finished one, it cost thousands in repairs, especially to the furnace and hot water heater, and our insurance would not cover it. So, after that we found the money for a backup pump system that works on battery when the power goes out. Our house sump never seemed to have much water in it until about March, then it would quietly pump away in that forgotten corner.

I don't forget it now! There is nothing worse than having a power failure and watching the water rise in the sump pit. Unless you are right there and able to start a generator for power, to get this going, your best bet is a battery system. This will kicks in right away when the other one stops working. You can get them in different sizes, and different prices depending on your needs.

If you have to pump out some serious water, then you will need a battery backup system sump pump that will pump out thousands of gallons of water before it needs a charge, or you can get smaller ones. You also need to test them once in a while to make sure you are covered.

So, keep this in mind before you spend thousands on a basement renovation. We would always have a battery backup sump pump now, there is no question at all, after what happened.


 You can get a plumber or contractor to install a backup sump pump in your basement, and they can also help you figure out just what size you should get. Compare prices and makes.

Home Improvement Center

 If you like to do things yourself, you can usually get battery backup sump pumps in the plumbing aisle of your local hardware of home improvement store. It would be a good idea to look and compare prices now, even if you really don't need it now, but this way you are ready for those spring thaws, or heavy storms.

Battery Backup for Sump Pumps - Online

 Amazon, is another place to check, as well as Ebay. It is good to compare prices, and using online stores and sites is a great way to see the different products and what would suit your needs.

Many of these battery backup sump pumps will have alarms on them too if you wish to know when it has to kick in. Having a backup sump pump, can be a good piece of insurance, for when you are not there. Even if you have a neighbor check on your house, what are they suppose to do if the hydro goes out? All they can do is get upset and try and contact you miles away! Do you want that?

It is just better if you find yourself a good system now. While you are getting your sump pit checked out, see what condition your main sump pump is in. Many will last for years, but it doesn't hurt to make sure it works before you need it. We checked ours and found that, during a dry spell, a mouse got into the pump. One mouse was enough to stop it working. So, find out now before the spring thaw or heavy rains, when you are going to need your main sump pump and possibly a battery backup sump pump working.

Also check where the pump is draining to outside. A neighbor of ours was not thinking and planted a tree right over the underground pipe and the roots blocked it. If you see your sump pit is unable to empty and the pump is running, then your line could be blocked. But these are things you need to check out now before the spring thaw and before you start spending thousands on basement renovations.