During the holiday season, battery fairy lights are a budget-friendly and safe way to bring out the magic in your home as they don't rely on  power cords and AC power like traditional fairy lights. In fact, they are a popular choice to add otherworldly charm all year round to outdoor spaces, and they can be a sneaky good interior design accessory when used properly. Read on to discover the benefits of battery fairy lights, great ideas on how to use them, and the prices for them at retailers.

Fairy Lights: Make Holiday Magic...All Year Long

battery fairy lights_3(111122)Fairy lights -  also known as twinkle lights, string lights and Christmas lights - primarily come in two types: battery-powered and AC-powered. Both types add a real sparkle and sense of whimsy to your home. The LED lights come in many different colors, from the Christmas traditional red and green to classic white, eye-catching purple, and many more. The strings can feature solid colors or multi-colors, so they can be mixed and matched in fun and festive ways. Some string light products, too, of both types give you the option of a strong and steady light or a twinkle setting. It's a fun option to have for the right special occasion.

Fairy lights are a Christmas and holiday staple all across the world; they do bring out the holiday cheer in nearly anyone who sees them. They can be used to create amazing patterns and designs both indoors and outdoors, whether on a Christmas tree, around a home's window frames, or nearly any other place you desire. String lights have also become an interior design secret weapon any time of year, especially battery fairy lights because of their many benefits over traditional AC powered lights.

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Benefits Of Battery Fairy Lights

Both battery-powered and AC-powered fairy lights can provide electricity to a great many colorful LED fairy lights, but battery-powered fairy lights have many key advantages:

Battery fairy lights are much safer

Any time you are dealing with power cords and AC power, there's always a chance of a plug overheating or sparking which can cause a fire. No need to worry when using battery fairy lights.

Battery fairy lights are extremely portable and versatile

When you use battery fairy lights, you aren't a slave to an AC power socket. You can place your fairy lights just about anywhere you can imagine.

Battery fairy lights need less monitoring

Because they are safer, you don't need to spend as much time checking in on the beautiful work of art you created with your Christmas lights or around your home.

Battery fairy lights don't need power cord hiding places

With AC-powered fairy lights, if you are planning on stringing them far away from a socket, you will definitely need a power cord. That power cord can be a major eyesore, and hiding it becomes a chore. That chore is gone with battery powered fairy lights. There is no need for cumbersome makeshift hiding places for overly long cording. 

Battery fairy lights can be cheaper to run

Because you don't need power cords (and ways to hide them) and the battery fairy lights aren't constantly draining your home's electricity, you may find they are the cheaper alternative.

Battery Fairy Lights: Ways To Use Them

As mentioned, Christmas and the holidays are the time of the year where battery string lights really shine. Families across the world turn their homes into otherworldly works of art celebrating the most festive time of year. It's the time of year where over-the-top use of fairy lights is all ok, so let the portability and flexibility of battery fairy lights inspire you to do some fun and creative things around your home. Maybe your mailbox needs a fairy light wrapping, or try adding some color to your indoor banners that are far from a socket. They can be draped through your bushes and trees or set to frame your front door. You can even create simple line art using these fairy lights that bring certain iconic holiday images to life, like five-pointed stars or snowmen.

battery fairy lights_2But battery fairy lights can be much more. They are surprisingly versatile. There's many reasons to keep them handy all year round, including the fact that they are a surprisingly strong accent light solution. White string lights especially, when used in moderation, can be a very effective way to add a bit of sparkle to an outdoor summer patio. Or they can be wrapped amid your indoor plant arrangements to add a subtle, yet dramatic glow that brings life to the arrangement no matter the time of day. You can wrap battery fairy lights into your walkway trees to brighten up the entrance for guests visiting your home. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even explore other colors beyond the subtle white. 

Battery fairy lights also excel at special events, whether it's a birthday party, a social gathering, or a wedding ceremony. Fairy lights can add specialness to the occasion. And don't forget children's rooms. Battery fairy lights can be a real fun and safe home decor accessory that adds a dash of personality to their spaces. 

Wherever you use fairy lights outside of the holidays - whether battery-powered or AC-powered - it's best to use them in moderation. If you go too far, fairy lights can begin to look cartoonish and even garish. Use your best judgement and keep in mind that less is sometimes more when it comes to these types of accent pieces.

Battery Fairy Light Prices

Strings of 30 fairy lights typically cost no more than $3 to $8, making them very budget friendly. Even longer strings tend not to exceed $20 in price. 

Between their wide variety of colors, versatility, and cost effectiveness, you've got to love the decorating potential of battery fairy lights. During the Christmas holiday they come in handy in many ways, and don't forget their power as accent lighting throughout the year. You'll love all that you can do with these lights.