If you love winter sports, or to go hiking, snowshoeing, or simply outside building snowmen with the kids, and you just can't keep your feet warm, then you should consider battery heated socks.

These socks are created out of a polyester/cotton/lycra blend, that are good quality, but with the addition of heat. They have reinforced toes and heals so they will last a good long time. They keep your toes warm in the dead of winter, and are easy to care for.

There is a battery pack that sits at the top of the cuff of the heated sock, that you have to install, in most cases a "D" cell battery. There are many brands on the market, but most don't have control over the heat. So, once you feel your toes are toasty and you don't want anymore heat, you can remove the batteries. Many people find the continuous gentle heat fine, but if you start to get overheated you can just remove the batteries.

Many people like these battery heated socks for winter sports, so they can keep going longer than they would with their regular socks. But you do have to decide what sport you will be using these for before you purchase your battery heated socks.

Example: If you love skiing, and get frustrated with cold feet, no matter how many pairs of socks you put on, then you need to get a pair that are long enough so that the battery pack does not interfere with the ski boot.

If you are hiking, you can get the shorter socks, so that the battery pack is just above the shoe.

These work best with room in the pants. Another words, this is not the time to be wearing your skin tight jeans. There are pros and cons to these battery heated socks. If you check the reviews of many of the name brands, most people will say it does the job well, but that these battery packs can get in the way or you can't control the settings.

It does not give off a lot of heat, just a gentle warmth, but that can make the difference between skiing a couple of times and then having to come in and warm up, or enjoying the whole day out there. You can purchase these in most sporting good stores, or online at Amazon like the ones pictured. BATTERY HEATED SOCKS MD 9-101/2

You can use rechargeable batteries for most of these brands. The battery pack is pretty stbattery heated socksurdy. The socks do come in different lengths, so your main reason for getting them should be discussed before purchase, so that these battery heated socks don't interfere with your sport or activity.

If you tend to have cold feet, and because of that, avoid many winter activities or just cold weather walking, then you should consider a pair of battery heated socks. They won't burn you, and are pretty tough. You do have to take some care with washing, but otherwise these are well constructed socks that should last you a few seasons. This is something to consider if you like to exercise outside but have been put off by cold feet.

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