Heat Your Feet with Battery Heated Socks

Battery heated socks. It sounds funny, doesn’t it? Like, why do you need those? Isn’t that completely unnecessary? You could just wear merino wool socks. Or smartknit socks, or smart wool socks (the best wool socks, in my opinion). But I’m not saying to buy battery heated socks because they work better. I’m saying buy them because they’re funny!

They look stupid and they're kind of awkward. They have a freaking battery pack sticking out! It’s ridiculous. But it’s the kind of present that stands out and gets a smile.

Presents are Tough

Let’s face it, buying presents for people—especially people you know well, who don’t really need anything—is a pain in the butt for everybody. First of all, you have to buy something that you think they’ll like. Then, they have to be polite and pretend they like the present, whether they do or not. Well, enter battery heated socks: the solution to all of life’s problems. Well, at least the temporary solution to this one particular problem.

Think about how you would feel about getting these socks as a present. First, you would recognize that it’s a sort of joke. You’re supposed to chuckle. Because the present doesn’t take itself overly seriously, you don’t have to act like you’ve just been given the greatest present in the world. You can make fun of them for it. This takes the pressure off of everybody: both the giver and the receiver. The result is a little less tension and a little more fun.

Not Just a Gag

But the great thing about this gift is that it's not just a gag. They’re actually sort of nice! True, they look awkward, and you probably don’t want to wear them out in public (unless you’re hunting or skiing in the winter, maybe). But for lounging around the house, it’s a unique way of keeping warm. I’m not saying they’re necessarily better than slippers, but they’re different. And every time you put them on, you’re going to think about the person who bought them for you, because it was such an unusual present.


I bought my battery heated socks from Hammacher Schlemmer (a company that sells unique items) for about $25. They also have a new model out now, called, “The Best Heated Socks.” This new kind uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and heat up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit; they also cost $200. You can also find some Brookstone, which might be somewhere in the middle of those two models, for $80 (at least on eBay). Personally, I’d go with the cheapo kind. No need to break the bank here. Besides, you still need some double-A batteries to go with those bad boys!