Whether you do you’re camping in a tent, a camper or an RV there is one modern convenience that most of us just will not do without and that is lights. Most people just do not find it fun or relaxing to stumbling around in the dark while camping. Now some people may only use camp fires and flash lights but a lot of other people prefer a little more variety. One kind of light that can benefit any type of camper and one you may want to consider is a battery operated motion detector light. These can have many wonderful features and all have benefits that just can not be found in other types of lights. Even if you camp in a fully accessorized RV you can still find uses for these small convenient lights. Below you will find more information on how these lights can change the way you camp and there are even a few examples of some of the better model available.

Wireless Motion Sensor Light - 10 Super-Bright LED
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Benefits of Battery Operated Motion Detector Lights

So you’re probably asking yourself what are the benefits of battery operated motion detector lights and how could they possibly change the way I camp? Well the first and most obvious benefit is that you now have a light that turns on the second you walk into your tent or camper or even when you open that cabinet door in your RV that always seems to be dark. And theres the fact that these lights are very small typically only measure four or five inches in any direction, are light weight and mount with only a few screws or even two sided tape. Some even come with built in magnets for easy mounting on any metal surface. One such light is the Sylvania 72178 Motion Activated Battery Powered Safety Light. This little light 4.5” x 2.5” x 2” is packed with features not only does it have the three mounting options mentioned above two of which allow it to functions a flashlight. It is also motion activated and has a built in photo cell that keeps it from coming on during daylight hours or when there is other sufficient light. It has three setting to choose from one lets the light come on as soon as it’s dark the second makes it motion activated and the third is to manually turn it on/off. It can be used indoors or outdoors as long as it is sheltered from the elements. The LED lighted head that is powered by three “AAA” batteries that are included can be rotated up and down and side to side for perfect placement. The motion sensor is very sensitive and will detect motion within 130 degrees in a thirteen foot radius.

Sylvania 72178 Motion Activated Battery Powered Safety Light
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(price as of Aug 1, 2013)

Some like the Fulcrum 20031-101 Motion Sensor LED Light are a little bigger and brighter making them good candidates for whole outdoor areas. For example if you do your cooking outside you can never have enough light. This light is for indoor and outdoor use contains 6 LED bulbs and has a rotating head that moves in all directions. It is equipped with a photo cell and a motion sensor that detects motion in a one hundred degree angle up to twenty five feet away. The power source for this 6 volt light is four “C” batteries which are sold separately and the over all measurement of the unit is 5 ½” square.

Fulcrum 20031-101 Motion Sensor LED Porch Light, Silver
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One other benefit of these great lights is there cost which depending on the size and features you need can be as little as seven or eight dollars. Even some of the bigger more expensive models only cost around twenty five or thirty dollars. That in combination with the LED bulbs that are typically used basically last forever and the long lasting batteries that are now available it makes most battery operated lights low cost and virtually maintenance free.

Really when it comes down to it your options as far as where you can use these battery powered motion detector lights is only as limited as you imagination. In addition to the locations mentioned above you could mount them in the top of your tent on the inside or near the door on the outside, under awnings, on a tree, near the cooler or any other number of places in a camp site. And why stop there? These lights are so handy that you can even use them around your home as many others do like on porches, in garages or as night lights in your bathroom or stairway. The truth is there isn’t many places that could be improved by the use of battery operated motion detector lights.