Battery operated weed eaters are becoming even more popular than their gas or electric counterparts. These days, the power source is completely rechargeable and longer lasting than ever before.This just tells part of the story, however, since there are so many different benefits to using a rechargeable, high powered trimmer.Let's take a look at some of the many benefits of using battery operated weed eaters, rather than those almost obsolete electric and gas trimmers.


Some Great Benefits

You'll find quite a few benefits to using a decent quality rechargeable wacker to trim your lawn.Here are just a few to consider before you make your next grass trimmer purchase:

Noise:Battery operated weed eaters are a lot quieter, only making about as much noise as a drill.This is a big plus for the rechargeable lawn trimmer.No sense in disturbing the neighbors if you don't have.

No Cords:While a corded wacker has many of the same benefits of a rechargeable, battery operated weed eater, the cord really gets in the way.Plus, if you have a yard of size, you may need to attach multiple extension cords, making it a real pain to do some yard work.Those powered without the cord are much more portable, so you can go wherever the job takes you.Not having to lug around a cord and worry about it coming unplugged would be major benefits for battery operated weed eaters.

No Gas:Two stroke trimmers require mixing oil in with the gas.This can be a real pain.Not only do you have to mix it, but you also have to worry about it leaking out when store the trimmer.You can cut out the trips to the gas station if you have battery operated weed eaters.You don't have to worry about flooding the thing when it doesn't start on the first pull or two as well and you won't need to swallow a puff of smoke every time you get the thing running.This is really a major benefit for battery operated weed eaters.

Multiple Power Options:You can get battery operated weed eaters powered in many different sizes.If you have a small area to cover and are really good about keeping up on the trimming work, a 12 volt will likely be sufficient for you.If you want something more high powered, you can go with a rechargeable 18 volt or 24 volt wacker. If you have a very small space, there are also very small rechargeable whackers you can consider.Since you have so many power options, you can get a model of battery operated weed eaters that will suit your needs.

Manufacturers to Consider

Weed Eater:Yes, this is actually a manufacturer that makes battery operated trimmers.Somehow, it became sort of a generic name, like Q-tip or Kleenex, despite being an actual brand name. They make several models, powered by up to 24 volts that can serve double duty as an edger, which are relatively cheap to buy.They generally get really good reviews.What would you expect from a company named Weed Eater when it comes to battery operated trimmers?

Black and Decker:You can get a high powered, 36 volt battery operated weed eater through Black and Decker capable of ripping through tall, thick grass and weeds.For many homeowners, a 12, 18, or 24 volt is sufficient.Fortunately, the make all of those sizes in a rechargeable model.They generally get really high reviews on their battery operated weed eaters.This makes them a very good choice for most people looking to pick up a new rechargeable grass trimmer.You will find this brand in virtually every store that sells lawn equipment and tools.

Toro:Toro battery operated weed eaters come in different sizes.The trimmers are priced very well, with a 12 volt available at most stores for under $60.This makes it a very reasonably priced grass wacker for most homeowners.You can find this brand in most home improvement and larger retail chains.They are a very popular manufacturer of batter operated weed eaters.Toro is a well know company.

Ryobi:Ryobi would be considered a step up from the brands listed already by most people's standards. They are moderately priced, with an 18 volt trimmer running about $125 or so.Ryobi is a decent company that makes several other rechargeable items, so finding battery replacements shouldn't be an issue for many years to come with this style of electric rechargeable operated weed eaters.

Worx:This is another moderately priced brand of battery operated weed eaters.You can expect to pay about $140 or so for a nice, good quality 18 volt trimmer/wacker.This brand provides decent value, since it is made well and typically gets decent reviews. If you are not familiar with them, they do sell several other rechargeable outdoor items, like blowers and lawn edgers.They are a brand worth check out before you buy your next battery operated weed eaters.

Craftsman:Sears has many different sizes suitable for just about anyone looking for a rechargeable trimmer for their yard work.You can pick up an 18 volt rechargeable trimmer for about $90.This is a really good price for a battery operated weed eater on a brand that generally provides a good quality product. They have been around for a number of years, so you can buy with some level of confidence.

Off Brands:Some large home improvement store may carry a store brand battery operated weed eater.You could also check tool sales that travel the country, going from city to city to sell off brand tools.In addition, places like Harbor Freight or Northern Tool often carry an off brand that you've probably never heard of.You need to use caution with these, but if the price is right and you're confident you can get a new power cell when needed, it may be worth a shot.You'll find no shortage of companies that are making battery operated weed eaters for sale.